Jens Pulver the Godfather of 155

by Mike Chiappetta | source:

Saturday night, one-by-one, the men who emerged victorious paid tribute to the man who helped pave the way for them.

"The guy is the greatest guy ever, man. He's sincere, he's from the heart. What he says, he means. I don't have a bad word to say about him. He's the best. I wouldn't be where I'm at today without people like Jens."
Scott Jorgensen

"I've got so much respect for Jens and anybody who I watched when I was younger. Without them leading the way I wouldn't be here. Anything they tell me, I listen."
Dominick Cruz

"For many, many years, I was the biggest Jens Pulver fan. Coming up through the ranks, that was the pinnacle of where I wanted to be. For me it was an honor seriously to get a chance to fight him. I'm pretty speechless as far as him even giving me the chance."
Javier Vazquez

"I'm just a proud old man. I'm a proud poppa, I guess, I'm the godfather of this stuff, and it's a good place and a good way to go."
Jens Pulver

One day, years from now, when we're all gray and the MMA record book is an encyclopedia rather than a pamphlet, Pulver will still be there, the first UFC lightweight champion.

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