WEC 47 fighter pay

by Ray Hui | source: mmafighting.com

Dominick Cruz ($9,000+$9,000=$18,000)
def. Brian Bowles ($12,000)

Joseph Benavidez ($14,500+$14,500+$10,000 SOTN=$39,000)
def. Miguel Torres ($26,000)

Javier Vazquez ($6,000+$6,000=$12,000)
def. Jens Pulver ($14,000)

LC Davis ($9,000+$9,000=$18,000)
def. Deividas Taurosevicius ($9,000)

Bart Palaszewski ($6,000+$6,000=$12,000)
def. Karen Darabedyan ($4,000)

Scott Jorgensen ($8,000+$8,000=$16,000)
def. Chad George ($3,000)

Chad Mendes ($4,000+$4,000=$8,000)
def. Erik Koch ($3,000)

Anthony Pettis ($3,000+$3,00+$10,000 KOTN=$16,000)
def. Danny Castillo ($9,500)

Leonard Garcia ($14,000+$10,000 FOTN=$24,000)
fought George Roop ($3,000+$10,000 FOTN+$13,000) to a split draw

Fredson Paixao ($2,000+$2,000=$4,000)
def. Courtney Buck ($3,000)

Ricardo Lamas ($5,000+$5,000=$10,000)
def. Bendy Casimir ($3,000)

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Steelersfan 24 7 site profile image  

3/13/10 4:11 PM by Steelersfan 24 7

That sucks! I feel bad for the fighters in the WEC. They should be making more money than that.

surf2live site profile image  

3/9/10 1:30 PM by surf2live

Fighters like anyone else get paid by how much they are worth to their employer. If you are some entry level employee/fighter you are going to be on the low end of the scale, its simple. Just because you are a fighter doesn't mean you deserve to be making a lot of money when you are just starting out. It is not the WEC/UFC/StrikeForce's responsibility to make sure you are living comfortably.

Mulletron5000 site profile image  

3/9/10 11:41 AM by Mulletron5000

if you got a job that paid so little, would that be your only job? no way should a fighter count on the WEC to feed his family, that is the fighters responsibility.  

Ramon Maroni site profile image  

3/9/10 11:22 AM by Ramon Maroni

~sarcastically~ Boy I am sure glad we got to see Garcia/Roop FOTN, instead we got to see the snooze fest LC Davis/Taurosevicious

Lucca Brazzi site profile image  

3/9/10 11:12 AM by Lucca Brazzi

WEC rocks I have never been disapointed with any of the fight cards can not say the same for it's big brother!I would have no problem patying for pay per veiws as thier has never been a boring show these guy's come to fight! But those pay days are sad...how can you expect these guy's to feed themselves let alone their families on paydays under 14 grand, brutal! not to mention if they only fight 2 to 3 times a year they would still be under the under the standard poverty line. What is even more sad the UFC still has similar pay outs!!promoters have to step up!

Tomato Can site profile image  

3/9/10 10:18 AM by Tomato Can

Look on the bright side, the top featherweights all did pretty well in their last fights:Aldo - $36,000Brown - $38,000Faber - $62,000A few years ago Mike Brown was fighting in Bodog and Hook 'n' Shoot, probably making about 10-20% of what he is now.

Tomato Can site profile image  

3/9/10 10:12 AM by Tomato Can

I'm just not sure where some people on this thread think the WEC's revenue is coming from. Just because you get your card on TV doesn't mean the cable network is paying you a fat six figure fee to air it. Hell, even ESPN2 pays absolute beans to promoters for televising their Friday Night Fights cards. How many households get Versus compared to ESPN2? People need to let go of this assumption that every fighter is going to live comfortably. Fighting is a very tough business to make a living in. In both boxing and MMA, 90% of fighters need a second job to get by. This is doubly true for little guys, who have almost always drawn less and been underpaid because of it. 

MetaDevil site profile image  

3/9/10 9:30 AM by MetaDevil

At this stage in the sport's evolution, these guys can't (and I don't know what they're doing in between fights) just train and expect a payday every 3-4 months. They need to be selling themselves 24-7, 365. Do seminars (This weekend, in person, WEC superstar Noname McGee!), radio interviews, write blogs, magazine articles, etc. Get a couple of hundred bucks for making an appearance at a local boat show or car dealership. Look at Tom Lawlor, the guy is generating a buzz about himself (plus he's working his ass off). This is where managers come in, but if a fighter decides that this what he wants to do for a living, he's gotta work at it.James Toney is going to get paid, partially because of his boxing status, but mainly by running his mouth. He's not negotiating quietly and just hoping the UFC deems him worthy of a decent payday.These guys get paid by selling themselves. That's their job. Fighting every 3-4 months is just manufacturing the product they're selling.

Nexuscrawlers site profile image  

3/9/10 9:15 AM by Nexuscrawlers

If they merge say goodbye to good free cards. the WEC consistantly puts on good cards (better than any free UFC card). And dont forget the fighters get paid in addition to the posted salaries. Plus when you hire a bunch of new emplyees you dont give everyone a raise, so why would they all get paid more if the UFC bumped up the number of fighters and support staff?

Hungry4Stink site profile image  

3/8/10 9:34 PM by Hungry4Stink

That's why they should merge the WEC into the UFC. Give the top guys the chance to really get paid and draw more talent into the lowest weight divisions. Sure some guys will get cut but if they are good enough they will have their chance to work back into the big league. A TUF for little guys would be great. All in all, if the WEC PPV doesn't do well then bringing the 135, 145 and eventually 125 weight classes into the UFC will be good for those divisions and will allow the UFC to stack more PPVs. Use Versus for Fight Nights and challengers type event.