Petruzelli v Alexander & Pudz v Sylvia problems?

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From: Silverback Seth
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ok guys, i am usually not one to bitch and complain...even after i got blackballed for beating kimbos ass but this is to much.

so i was supposed to fight ken....damn promoters pushed it back and keep telling me it will happen but NOTHING EVER DOES!

now i just got the contract to fight Houston Alexander and they just called my manager this morning to push it back till who knows when!!!!

i am so sick of this sh*t, i am sorry to rant but i just need to get it out off my chest. i know i can compete with top level guys, and i deserve to be in the big shows.  i am sick of the inconsistency of smaller shows and them always getting pushed or canceled.  i want to fight every 3 months or so but this makes it impossible!!! i dont know what else to do at this point....

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Silverback Seth site profile image  

3/10/10 12:22 PM by Silverback Seth

 thnk u!!

leothelion site profile image  

3/10/10 10:39 AM by leothelion

 Seth,  goes to show the big shows are not concerned with pitting the best fighters together but featuring those who put butts in the seats....that is the way it is unfortunately.... Your knockout of Kimbo truly showed that the guy was more of a sideshow freak then a real fighter.... Well, maybe Kimbo has become a real thinks, The Dana nieeds to put you in their with Kimbo so you can beat his ass again.....

Tartan warrior site profile image  

3/10/10 8:11 AM by Tartan warrior

The Facebook petition is growing it now has over 800 members. Over 800 in 2 days is pretty good going for a sport as small as MMA c'mon guys please sign up. When Seth gets back into the big show we will all know that we did a little something to help. The address to the facebook petition is:

InspiritMick site profile image  

3/10/10 4:51 AM by InspiritMick

seriously this ^ it will be hilarious and will be a great way to release that angst....

kneedy site profile image  

3/9/10 10:14 PM by kneedy

lolDana is such a douche trying to bring in the boxing/wwe fans. It might be a smart business move but honestly I like Toney as a boxer but he's going to learn fast that he know's little to nothing about real fighting when someone takes him down and starts elbowing him or when he tries a slow sloppy shot thinking he can wrestle or grapple and he is kneed in the face or when he faints a punch and is kicked in his huge head. The UFC had better pay guys money to stand with him otherwise he won't win a fight unless they guy he fights is a retard with no idea about strategy, like Herring, 'Page, and the like.

The Notorious OMG site profile image  

3/9/10 8:35 PM by The Notorious OMG

just make a video of you and your posse in the gym and then get up in the camera and call Dana White a ho. then tell him to up the offer another 2.5 million. and call him a ho again. these are the types of things he apparently responds to...

Tartan warrior site profile image  

3/9/10 8:06 PM by Tartan warrior

The Facebook petition to get Seth back in the UFC is growing. C'mon guys its not costing anything to sign up. Here is the address:

JohnMatrix site profile image  

3/9/10 5:13 PM by JohnMatrix

Dude, you need a real f*cking manager. Jesse "Pee Pants" Taylor (drunken rampage through Vegas) and War Machine (talking smack about the UFC after Evan Tanner's death) had no problems finding plenty of fights on the smaller circuit - and you arguably made more news than both of them combined.Taylor managed to work his way into DREAM and Strikeforce.

TheVileOne site profile image  

3/9/10 5:04 PM by TheVileOne

Bellator may not be as big as Strikeforce and UFC, but Bellator will also have exposure on FSN and NBC. You should try looking at Bellator.

John Nic site profile image  

3/9/10 4:57 PM by John Nic

talk a whole bunch of crap about everyone on the internet about every fighter and give interviews to everyone.start with tony, kimbo, randy and lesnar, work your way down from there.