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QTyp site profile image  

3/10/10 9:45 PM by QTyp

Retarded point deduction, neither blows were illegal. Roop got screwed. The refs need to watch the instant replays between rounds like the rest of us.

THP site profile image  

3/9/10 11:33 PM by THP

Is leonard the ref? Wtf kinda bogus point deduction was that.

dcase site profile image  

3/9/10 11:03 PM by dcase

I thought Roop won all three rounds, 29-27 with the point deduction.

TUFF-N-UFF site profile image  

3/9/10 4:58 PM by TUFF-N-UFF


sside maurice site profile image  

3/9/10 4:34 PM by sside maurice

Huge props to George Roop regardless of the outcome. Dude loses at 135, then steps up less than 2 months later to fight a dangerous contender at 145 and puts on the FOTN. Great display. And, yes, the deduction was BS. The ref was under the misimpression that a legal knee earlier in the fight was illegal. I guess that's why he didn't get a warning.

The Carver site profile image  

3/9/10 4:06 PM by The Carver

Tom is right, Roop is as cool as they come.

Crush Crawfish site profile image  

3/9/10 4:01 PM by Crush Crawfish

Works for hockey

Pig Bun site profile image  

3/9/10 3:29 PM by Pig Bun

If both are still willing and able to fight at the end, then I feel ALL such fihgts should be called a "draw".Start putting "D" column marks on people's records, and you'll see people trying a little harder to finish the fights.

perfy site profile image  

3/9/10 2:38 PM by perfy

Draw seems fair considering the point deduction.

theHak site profile image  

3/9/10 1:57 PM by theHak

I scored it:Rd 1 - Garcia 10-9Rd 2 - Roop 10-9Rd 3 - Roop 10-9Roop wins 29-28That was not a situation warranting a point deduction, so IMO Roop should have won. With the deduction, the draw was correct. Garcia and Roop are both awesome people and game fighters. No real loser in that one.