A special message to Mike Brown from Mark Coleman

source: The UnderGround Forum

Mike Brown's Most Prized Possession!

From: AmericanTopTeam
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 Mike is a big fan of  "The Hammer"  and was able to get his autograph this past weekend at the Arnolds
where they were both signing autographs.  Coleman's message to Mike is classic!!


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disbeliever site profile image  

3/9/10 4:00 PM by disbeliever


giboo site profile image  

3/9/10 3:58 PM by giboo

The guy doesn't know how to spell douche, big deal. My friend has an autograph from one of the upper tier LHW and it say "BEST WHISHES".

cdmontgo site profile image  

3/9/10 2:55 PM by cdmontgo

lol that is awesome :)

perfy site profile image  

3/9/10 2:43 PM by perfy

hooked on phonics.

Col Angus site profile image  

3/9/10 2:40 PM by Col Angus

Hoo farded?

pato1 site profile image  

3/9/10 2:38 PM by pato1

^^^He punches people in the face for a living. He doesn't exactly have to spell out "kop this" before he throws one, does he?Oh the ironing of it. What a moran.

GriffinQ site profile image  

3/9/10 2:36 PM by GriffinQ

all of you guys insulting his spelling and saying it's doosh are retarded. it's spelled douche. idiots

AngleOfTheDangle site profile image  

3/9/10 12:53 PM by AngleOfTheDangle

Coleman cant even spell doosh bag correctly. jaysus. What a wanker

tumn site profile image  

3/9/10 12:24 PM by tumn

That's some funny shit!

MMAINCA site profile image  

3/9/10 12:22 PM by MMAINCA

Did Coleman ever graduate college? No wonder he's still fighting, sheesh.