GSP training with Renzo


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“Look, I’d heard about Renzo’s guillotine, but I’d never felt it. It’s amazing”

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leothelion site profile image  

3/27/10 7:30 PM by leothelion

 Hughes is a beast... I don't know....I have a feeling that It will be a grood fight though....

Ecko Unltd site profile image  

3/27/10 2:19 PM by Ecko Unltd


Mark Hunter site profile image  

3/27/10 2:12 PM by Mark Hunter

Miami . . . back in 2003.

Titanium Rhino site profile image  

3/10/10 2:27 PM by Titanium Rhino

I have a feeling that Renzo is going to beat Hughes. Awesome pics.

Hansumboy site profile image  

3/10/10 12:07 PM by Hansumboy

 Gunnar "The New Prodigy" Nelson was training with them:

help discoteca site profile image  

3/10/10 11:10 AM by help discoteca

Thats the school in N.Y.C by madison square garden.

Luigipe site profile image  

3/10/10 11:04 AM by Luigipe

Great pics thanks

ArtWanderlei site profile image  

3/10/10 10:52 AM by ArtWanderlei

 Henzo is my favorite Gracie.  He has truly evolved.  I hope he beats Rughes.

lionsoul site profile image  

3/10/10 10:49 AM by lionsoul

Where did you move to?  

leothelion site profile image  

3/10/10 10:46 AM by leothelion

 Cheez....Renzo training with GSP.... Dang...Renzo is going to be a load for Matt Hughes...Now that is a fight I am looking forward too.... Just seems all is well with the UFC when a Gracie steps back in the cage...For me I was hooked on MMA when I bought the PPV for a grand total of $15 for the very first UFC way back in the early 90's...To watch Renzo's cousin do his Gracie jiu-jitsu thing was a revelation...I am now training BJJ ...