Enigmatic messages from Tito and Jenna

source: twitter.com
  1. Many will be happy and many will be sad but Im done. Need to focus on my fight career.
    -Tito Ortiz

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  1. My life is about to change... Feels bad now, but I have babies to think of.....:(
    -Jenna Jameson

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StretchPlum site profile image  

3/14/10 1:08 AM by StretchPlum

He wanted talk, not privacy. He miscalculated.

IP site profile image  

3/13/10 10:17 PM by IP

Some of the shit guys were saying went well beyond "bad vibes."

StretchPlum site profile image  

3/13/10 9:57 PM by StretchPlum

"That makes him pretty fearless if you ask me because he KNEW the kind of shit he'd get from dating a porn star but didn't care."I would say he knew he would get good vibes from the less intelligent people, and the low end would be his main base anyway. He went big with it publicly. It's when he got some bad vibes that privacy became such a big value.

Cyril Jeff site profile image  

3/13/10 6:45 PM by Cyril Jeff

 @titoortiz yo man whats this I hear about you splitting from jenna? 1:17 PM Mar 12th via web @iamgenus not true. 1:33 PM Mar 12th via Sidekick  

NHB USA site profile image  

3/13/10 6:15 PM by NHB USA

 Crooklyn, Why don't you just get Tito Ortiz on your show and you can ask him personally. Oh wait, he doesn't answer your calls huh?

crushingu site profile image  

3/13/10 5:19 PM by crushingu

maybe jenna told him that she does not use Scope after she is done with work.

brokenknuckles9 site profile image  

3/13/10 4:59 PM by brokenknuckles9

 The Randy video still cracks me up. Well done.

humphrey sphinctermuscle site profile image  

3/13/10 4:31 PM by humphrey sphinctermuscle

i don't care if they stay together or not. but I will say one thing. Tito could get some mighty fine women. easily. and he seems to really dig her. That makes him pretty fearless if you ask me because he KNEW the kind of shit he'd get from dating a porn star but didn't care.I dunno, the guy says some really stupid shit, but he's still top 3 of my favs.

jkennedy site profile image  

3/13/10 4:17 PM by jkennedy

I rate this thread topic as completely WFA.

EvilMaster site profile image  

3/13/10 4:10 PM by EvilMaster

I hope they stay together.