Rampage: Pride tournaments were fixed

source: fightersonly

Fighter's Only: So what was bad about Pride?

Rampage: A lot of things man. I don’t know what their problem was but they wouldn’t promote me at all, they cheated me out of money from dolls and t-shirts, not paying me… when my contract was up and we were negotiating and I wanted more money and they were telling me ‘oh but you’re a nobody’. This was after I had fought in the Grand Prix and beat Igor Vovchanchyn. Even after I went to that K-1 fight and represented them in K-1, they were mad I won that K-1 fight! Just stuff like that.

The old president was really cool but he said if I wanted to get on the talk show they had in America, he said ‘you’ve got to kiss the American [Pride] president’s ass’. I don’t kiss ass. Go ahead, I don’t need to do your show. And I think at the time I was one of the most popular American fighters that they had there. So they put some Japanese guy on the talk show - and he didn’t speak English! I was like ’Y’all some idiots’.

Fighter's Only: Is it true fighters would get two or three weeks notice for even the biggest fights?

Rampage: Igor Vovchanchyn., I got two weeks notice. Ninja, two weeks notice. It was bad. The tournaments were fixed. They said they drew numbers from a hat.. Pfft. It was all set up for Wanderlei to win. It was really bad. Even in some fights they would stand you up when you were winning, different stuff like that.

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grillznice site profile image  

3/13/10 11:45 AM by grillznice

i believe the judging was rigged in the rampage vs lindland fight back in the wfa..didnt page have stock in that orginization?

I AM A MOFO site profile image  

3/12/10 11:10 PM by I AM A MOFO

I also think part of the reason Wand got some matchups that he did, was less to give him an easy time and more because they so desperately wanted a Japanese fighter to beat him.

I AM A MOFO site profile image  

3/12/10 11:08 PM by I AM A MOFO

Didn't say it wasn't tough, but Wand didn't have the easy time that everybody acts like he did either. His fight was closer, and to me, seemed more draining on the cardio with all the grappling. Rampage also had much more time between fights.

supersonic site profile image  

3/12/10 11:03 PM by supersonic

"Not to mention Wand had a harder time with Yoshida than Rampage did with Chuck."Rampages fight with Chuck was pretty damn tough imo. They were trading big time.

pigpen site profile image  

3/12/10 10:53 PM by pigpen


I AM A MOFO site profile image  

3/12/10 10:32 PM by I AM A MOFO

lol, and that gif is only about half of the assault that ended the first fight.

jacktripper site profile image  

3/12/10 8:10 PM by jacktripper

rampage was also offered more money to allow himself to be choked out by sak than he was getting paid for the fightguy mezger also has an interview where he mentions attempted payoffs to get him to throw fights and the repercussions from refusing themthey were so out front about worked fights they actually made fighters throw fights to the pride figurehead takada on the first fight of their contracts (coleman and crocop for example) to get signed and mma fans just ate it up like idiots

jacktripper site profile image  

3/12/10 8:04 PM by jacktripper

very well said... its a disgrace that mma "journalists" have been ignoring this for years,its the elephant in the room for mma

the Brazilian site profile image  

3/12/10 8:00 PM by the Brazilian

Big Daddy has also ackowledged he was asked by a PRIDE exec to throw the Ogawa fight. says he refused though. watch it sometime and you be the judge

TexDeuce site profile image  

3/12/10 7:59 PM by TexDeuce

LOL. Man I forgot how brutal that was. The 2nd time when Rampage went through the ropes it looked like he had been shot with the blood dripping from his face.