Who tased Claude Patrick?

source: mmafighting.com

Recent UFC signeee Claude Patrick was tasered by an unknown assailant or assailants following a local show, and then put into a medically induced coma by doctors for two days.

"I do not remember anything about that, and it's very true. Some people just think I am trying to stop talking about it, but now, I have a slight memory loss, well, complete memory loss for two days from that whole thing."

"I woke up with no injuries. I just had a tube in my throat because I was in the hospital, and I was like, 'Oh, damn, well, what do I drink now?'"

"I think it was an induced coma so to speak because getting tasered messes up with your heart rhythm and all that stuff. I got tasered several times, I think they said. I got the medical reports, because I tried to figure out what happened, and it was in French in doctor's writing, chicken scratch. No chance you can ever decipher that. So I just kind of took it and ran with it."

"If I knew who it was, I wouldn't be (speaking with) with you guys now, man,"

"I don't remember anything."

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Dexter Morgan site profile image  

3/12/10 4:46 PM by Dexter Morgan

I thought tasers were completely harmless?Just ask any cop.

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3/12/10 2:59 PM by bkarimib

some thugs that had misinformation.

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3/12/10 2:47 PM by MetaDevil

Who tasted Claude's prick?Whaaa?