Roach: UFC using Toney to prove MMA superiority

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Crave Online:  Who did he get the most fun out of training- who had the most physical talent of any fighter.

Freddie Roach: Physical Talent is James Toney.  If he just had discipline he would’ve been the greatest fighter of all time.  But he doesn't.

What do you think of MMA?

I had two guys fight last night.  They had 5 MMA fights and 5 boxing matches each, so I’m around the fighters a lot.  I like the standing part of it better.  Two guys on the ground doesn't appeal to me but I understand there's a science to it.  I've had a few fighters: Andre Arlovski, BJ Penn, Anderson Silva, Tito Ortiz and I work with those guys occasionally.  They all have talent.

What do you think of James Toney in MMA?

I think they're using James as a way to say MMA fighters are better than boxers.  If he fights a quality ground guy, once he goes to the ground he's gonna get killed.  But If a guy chooses to stand up with James, James is gonna destroy him.  That’s why they call him “Lights Out”.  I really don’t think there’s one fighter in MMA that could stand with James.

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InstructorofDeath site profile image  

3/13/10 4:55 PM by InstructorofDeath

Arlovski has really good boxing though. I saw him sparring and dodging punches with bob and weave left and right in a pre-fight training clip with him.

theaxemurderer site profile image  

3/13/10 3:05 PM by theaxemurderer

he also said that arlovski would KO fedor standingand that arlovski should be a boxer after he does this.....james toney would fall on his ass and not be able to get up effectively with 10 lbs of weight holding him downstanding he would pack a punch but those massive ass gloves not gonna be there to save him from taking damage in teh processmany men think they would do good in mma, given their achievements in other sportsvery very few do

gridlor site profile image  

3/13/10 3:00 PM by gridlor

A shot on the chin from a world class boxer beats a leg kick any day.

Odious Pariah site profile image  

3/13/10 11:31 AM by Odious Pariah

toney would ko simba with a jab. that other bum did it and i cant remember his name.

InstructorofDeath site profile image  

3/13/10 3:26 AM by InstructorofDeath

" You're probably the only one.. lmao Even Kimbo KNEw not to stand with a 50 year old Mercer...."naw, he was out-boxing him and dominating him standing before he realized mercer wasnt fighting back and it would be easier to take him down (but didnt need to to win). Also, Kimbo has great head movement and in his bare knuckle fights you could tell he fights like a boxer not a looping hand mma fighter. The only reason he stopped using that boxing style of fighting and head movement is because of these mma coachges who told him not to and taught him to be more cocious. Watch the way he would dip his head and bob and weave, what other mma fighter does this?

RobbieH site profile image  

3/13/10 3:23 AM by RobbieH

 You're probably the only one.. lmao Even Kimbo KNEw not to stand with a 50 year old Mercer....

InstructorofDeath site profile image  

3/13/10 3:23 AM by InstructorofDeath

"boxing being a tougher sport go to a local boxing gym and box local fighters."I dont think so. I think the feeling of being suffocated and crushed when your a biggener at bjj and the air slowly leaving you like drowning is the worse feeling and greatest wakeup call you can experience. Also muay thai is a lot tougher with the shin kicks and all.

Squared Circle site profile image  

3/13/10 3:05 AM by Squared Circle

 Lol at kicks.  Toney would murder these schmoes.

InstructorofDeath site profile image  

3/13/10 2:53 AM by InstructorofDeath

How many of you beside me think Kimbo would knock him out due to the experience in small gloves/bare-knuckle?

InstructorofDeath site profile image  

3/13/10 2:41 AM by InstructorofDeath

I met Freddie Roach.