Bader, Dolloway, & Simpson part ways with ACS


Based on information received from sources close to the situation, Ryan Bader, CB Dolloway and Aaron Simpson have left Arizona Combat Sports. Simpson responded via text, stating, “It’s all up in the air right now. I can’t say exactly, but I’m hoping to have news in a couple of weeks.”

The move by the three UFC competitors and Arizona State alums comes at a curious time as all are coming off the biggest wins of their careers. Bader defeated Keith Jardine via third round TKO at UFC 110, Dolloway took home a unanimous decision that same night against Goran Reljic and Simpson defeated Tom Lawlor at UFC Fight Night 20 in January.

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Former WEC lightweight champion of the world Jamie Varner responded on the Underground Forum

From:  Jamie Varner  
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I've been at AZ combat for 6 years now this gym builds fighters frome the ground up! None of those guys would be where they are with out there training partners and the Lallys! Some duche bags like to talk shit but our gym is battle tested and proven! When riggs left he started losing and got cut from the UFC. When fickett got kicked out he started losing and got kicked out of the UFC! Im very interested to see what happens with those guys I wish them nothing but the best in there careers, but they made a HUGE mistake!



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onyx2002 site profile image  

4/6/10 2:33 PM by onyx2002

To me the lab seems like a good fit, but you would have thought the place they went to would really trumpet their arrival, that's why I think they may not have settled in one place. Seems odd though if they haven't had any serious coaching/training in a while.

TOM666 site profile image  

4/6/10 10:43 AM by TOM666

They should go train with Roufus over at the Lab (although that may be a bit of a drive depending on where those guys live).

LTL site profile image  

4/6/10 10:25 AM by LTL

When this thread was fist started it was speculated that they went to a new Lions Den AZ, but I don’t think ever confirmed.

onyx2002 site profile image  

4/6/10 10:08 AM by onyx2002

So does anyone know where Bader and Co. are training at this point? I looked on his page and twitter and he talks a bit about doing some conditioning but doesn't mention where.

TheTakeover site profile image  

3/25/10 3:11 AM by TheTakeover

ACS rules! awesome training

THP site profile image  

3/25/10 2:57 AM by THP

Hence why I said "communication error" - an error that came when Premier Fighter's new owners refused to pay the old ownership's sponsorship deals.You're illiterateandvery defensive.

Lionheart80 site profile image  

3/25/10 2:36 AM by Lionheart80

AKA?with the other wrestlers?ASU

Magnetic site profile image  

3/25/10 2:02 AM by Magnetic

Jamie having a bounced check is hardly the source of the problem. He could have taken that check to the District Attorney, he chose not to. I spent a ton of time and legal fees chasing his money and when it could not be collected he refused to press the charges.Your delusional

THP site profile image  

3/25/10 12:30 AM by THP

Jacob is the next big thing in MMA

themexicutioner site profile image  

3/24/10 7:29 PM by themexicutioner

Wait till you see Jacob McClintock at Bellator in April, you will think otherwise. I have seen him catch Varner with flying armbars in the cage while mma sparring. His striking is just as good as his BJJ IMO.