HBO PPV boss Taffett: Boxing & MMA only 5% overlap


"We've done a lot of research at HBO talking to our pay-per-view distributor, we haven't found more than five percent overlap between the audiences,"

 "They're two businesses that co-exist. Two sports that are thriving. Our sport, whether it's on HBO or PPV, has been growing significantly over the last three or four years. There's surprisingly little overlap of the consumer base."

-HBO pay-per-view chief Mark Taffett

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Haulport site profile image  

3/14/10 4:00 PM by Haulport

I think it's a little too low aso. I'd guess mroe like 10%. I have been involved in a lot of these kinds of market research projects and the kind of "science" that is used would make the Climategate guys laugh... What this really means for HBO is that if they would get their shit together and add MMA programming then they would be ADDING audiece and not cannabalizing their audience.  

Dexter Morgan site profile image  

3/14/10 3:22 PM by Dexter Morgan

All the new UFC fans have come from the WWF, not from boxing.

Granpa site profile image  

3/14/10 2:55 PM by Granpa

Well for my part, I got more interested in Boxing after being a fan or MMA. I got into MMA because of it's TMA roots. Meaning that I was training TMA when UFC 1 first came out and the concept grabbed my attention immediately. I became a fan of MMA as a result. Through the years, from watching and training MMA I've learned to appreciate the sweet science of boxing more and now follow it almost as passionately as I do MMA, whereas before, I was a very casual boxing fan (I'd watch the big names, Tyson, SRL, Hagler, Duran, etc. but was completely oblivious to 90% of the sport).

419 site profile image  

3/14/10 1:35 PM by 419

"First, I don't think payperview buys is necessarily an accurate reflection of total audience. It's more a reflection of fans that can actually afford to buy the PPV of each sport"Those are the fans HBO cares about.

Chomas site profile image  

3/14/10 1:21 PM by Chomas

I don't buy it, i think the overlap is a lot higher.  Maybe these real young kids aren't into boxing, but most older fight fans are.

BeerMuscles site profile image  

3/14/10 1:05 PM by BeerMuscles

The "Boxing fans are older" is a myth. Boxing is promoted ethnically. Mexicans of all ages watch the Mexican fighters, the same with Puerto Ricans, Russians, etc... I've been to plenty of Boxing matches and saw people of all ages rooting usually for the fighter of their ethnic backround. MMA is promoted different, you don't have those ethnic or nationalistic kind of crowds.

Morgz site profile image  

3/14/10 12:12 PM by Morgz

Yeah that is what the article implied.  I have 2 issues with that.  First, I don't think payperview buys is necessarily an accurate reflection of total audience.  It's more a reflection of fans that can actually afford to buy the PPV of each sport -- essentially, the "richer" fans.  Sure, those who can afford to buy still have the choice of whether they will or not, but this still isn't sampling the entire group of each audience.  Second, if they are just "talking to the PPV distributor" about overlap in audience, that is hardly scientific -- and if you are going to throw out specific percentages of something, I think you need some type of real data to back it up.  And if they do have that data, I think they should post it to support those findings.  If not, it's all just speculation in my opinion.

humphrey sphinctermuscle site profile image  

3/14/10 1:29 AM by humphrey sphinctermuscle

this isn't new news. the same number (well it was said to be 4% then) was given 3 years ago.i also think it's pure bullshit.

crazydave site profile image  

3/14/10 1:25 AM by crazydave

Boxing is a far older demographic

icantthinkofanything site profile image  

3/14/10 1:13 AM by icantthinkofanything

i bet pacman mayweather never happens, and I want Anderson Silva vs Fedor a l,ot more