Hansen talks drop to featherweight and Aoki

by Jay Furness | source: fightmagazine.com

On his weight:

“I’m 66kg on an empty belly in morning now,” Hansen revealed. “I’ve changed my diet after learning how the wrestlers do it.

“I train with a guy called Jack Hermanson who has a strong background in Greco Roman and has a deep understanding of diet and nutrition. He told me his techniques and has been working with me. I usually walked around at 69-70 kg but I always lose 1kg when I go to Japan because of the difference in the food culture. My aim is to be 65.5kg on an empty stomach when in Japan. I’ve been practicing weight cutting a few times now, I can do 2.5-3kg easy and rehydrate back up without any problems and not lose any strength.” 

On fighting Shinya Aoki:

“Right now I’m focusing on the new weight division I’m gonna fight in,” Joachim said. “But, if I fight Aoki again, I will have a neutral referee. About the groin kick, I felt my heel hitting something hard, and I am sorry for that, but next time, wear a good cup. Saying that, Aoki is not an easy guy to grapple with. But if we - and we shall - meet again, it’s under ancient Brazilian vale tudo rules.”


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Fight! UK Online site profile image  

3/16/10 10:15 AM by Fight! UK Online

 Just a reminder of how awesome Hellboy's fights generally are: http://www.mmascraps.com/2008/05/eddie-alvarez-vs-joachim-hansen-video.html Obviously Alvarez helps.

Fight! UK Online site profile image  

3/16/10 6:10 AM by Fight! UK Online

I agree, there's some really interesting fights for him over there, but imagine Hellboy vs. Faber/Brown/Aldo? That shit would be awesome!  

Wasa-B site profile image  

3/15/10 8:45 PM by Wasa-B

i wouldnt go that far.hansen seems like one of the coolest mfs around.however, he also grabbed the rope (though unintentionally perhaps) on one of Aoki's td attempts so we can say they are even.the whole ref putting hansen's foot back in the ring was just magnified by the fact that aoki happened to go for the td at the same time (though its pure bs that he did that on purpose as his head was buried on the other side the entire time and could not see the ref on his right).the refs do do that in japan, in the rings, we've all seen it. however, the correct thing to do was pause the action to move the foot back in. big reason why rings suck though.

Wasa-B site profile image  

3/15/10 1:53 PM by Wasa-B

There are still good matches for anyone at FW in Japan but yeah, that would be cool too. Time's not waiting though so hopefully if its happens, it happens like now.

cusandmike site profile image  

3/15/10 1:43 PM by cusandmike

Would love to see him in WEC

Fight! UK Online site profile image  

3/15/10 12:25 PM by Fight! UK Online

If his walkaround weight is only actually 69-70kg then he could feasibly make the drop to bantam too as I know several bantamweights that make the drop from slightly higher than that! Now that would be ominous for the bantamweights in the world!

bongwater7654 site profile image  

3/15/10 11:42 AM by bongwater7654

man that would be great if he went to wec    

reverend rhee site profile image  

3/15/10 11:38 AM by reverend rhee

hansen sounds upset at getting handled by aoki, don't worry son, you're not the first, if do rubber guard right no can defend

threestars35 site profile image  

3/15/10 11:32 AM by threestars35

He was doing really well at 155, but if you put a FW on him like in his fights with Imanari and Miyata he really dominates

Fight! UK Online site profile image  

3/15/10 9:06 AM by Fight! UK Online

 Living as a viking would have been pretty cool.