Irvin: I don't want a rematch with Silva

by Mitch Ciccarelli | source: Are you looking to work your way towards a rematch with Anderson Silva before he retires?

James Irvin: Honestly, I don’t think I would ever deserve a rematch with him unless I won ten fights in a row by vicious knockout! He might even be retired by then. I don’t want a rematch with Anderson Silva to be honest.

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Recent Comments »

mjsalmon site profile image  

3/18/10 11:40 AM by mjsalmon

That guy had a hell of a time making 205, he is going to be a monster at 185. Hope he can recover from the weight cut. Intravenous fluids will be needed!

Thumblock site profile image  

3/18/10 11:11 AM by Thumblock

 not "way off" at all.. Chael was seeing stars from Nate's knee and was very close to getting choked out. I think Nate would be favored in a rematch.

Thumblock site profile image  

3/18/10 11:09 AM by Thumblock

 wow, 2 sandman interviews on the front page. I didn't know anything about the guy before, but now he's got another fan. He seems like a mature guy with a good perspective on things and dealing with his family history and addictions are the toughest fights of all.

PJ Benn Fan site profile image  

3/18/10 9:46 AM by PJ Benn Fan

Absolutely Marquardt is one of the most well rounded guys at 185. But my comments were in relation to him not even acknowledging that the Silva fight took place and that wasnt him in there and all his other stupid bullshit excuses. The fact was he made a mistake and the difference in talent levels between him and Silva were exposed. James Irvin did what I would like to hear more often when a fighter loses. He made no excuses. Admits Silva is pretty much in another league at the moment and he isnt even thinking about a rematch unless he starts racking up a ton of wins.  

Chris site profile image  

3/18/10 9:33 AM by Chris

 war sandman!

brianp513 site profile image  

3/18/10 8:44 AM by brianp513

I liked the guy before, but this makes me really like him. Honest, humble. I hope he gets a nasty ko or something. Sounds like he deserves it.

TUFF-N-UFF site profile image  

3/18/10 8:34 AM by TUFF-N-UFF

 I like Marquardt. He is well rounded and very smart. I think he is one of the few that would have a chance against Silva if he had a rematch. Then again, I picked Marquardt over Chael and I was way off on that one.

ScratchJ site profile image  

3/18/10 7:59 AM by ScratchJ

He could of said that the fight was a fluke and that he could of continued in his fight with Anderson, but he was honest enough to tell the truth and say he doesn't deserve a rematch unless he goes on an amazing winning streak. I'm a fan of him now.

ABE FROMAN site profile image  

3/17/10 6:51 PM by ABE FROMAN

That's the kind of honestly that goes a long way in making fans.

dahosse site profile image  

3/17/10 6:38 PM by dahosse

plus anderson gave him the mother of all cuts in that fight. james had a nice, long period of avoiding half his face every morning while shaving for about 6 weeks. i'm sure he's had plenty of time to ruminate on exactly how much he wants to mess with anderson silva.