Mousasi, Sokoudjou, Babalu in Dream Grand Prix


Mousasi/" class="Newslink">Gegard Mousasi, Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou and Renato Sobral will all be participating in the Dream Light Heavyweight Grand Prix, which will begin on May 30 at Dream.15.

Mousasi confirmed his own participation in an interview with on Wednesday, and Dream officials confirmed that Sokoudjou and Babalu will be part of the tournament as well.

"I'm going to be busy," Mousasi said. "I'm fighting for Strikeforce in April, then I'll start the Dream light heavyweight tournament in May, then I'll be back to Strikeforce, then the next round of the Dream tournament, and I hope to fight in Japan in New Year's Eve as well."

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Recent Comments »

GodzillaFuria site profile image  

3/20/10 12:00 PM by GodzillaFuria

The rest will be the manditory Japanese cans so easy win for Mousasi.

orcus site profile image  

3/20/10 10:33 AM by orcus

 "You think those three are the only ones participating in the Grand Prix?" What's sad is that Sok and Babalu are pretty much guaranteed to be the best guys in it other than Mousasi.

S0ME0NE_BETTER site profile image  

3/20/10 10:21 AM by S0ME0NE_BETTER

I wonder if we'll ever see open-weight grand prix again. Pride had multiple weight class grand prix before its open-weight 2006 one.

HollywoodHendo site profile image  

3/19/10 5:14 AM by HollywoodHendo

 They better get some other good fighters in there. Mousasi vs Sokoudjou or Babalu is not appealing. At all. It's like putting Anderson Silva in a tounrament with Franklin and Griffin.

CRBMoney14 site profile image  

3/19/10 4:56 AM by CRBMoney14

So far what IVe seen itsMousasiBabaluSokoudjouNinjaM'PumbuReally with they would have left off Sokoudjou. Because he will most likely win his first fight then end up in a rematch with Gegard or Babalu. If they were going to have all 3 of those in it I wish they wouldve made it a 16 man, so they could get built somewhat back upHopefully Dream is able to get Kyle or Feijao from Strikeforce. Glover Teixeira would be awesome, but doubt that will happen. Im assuming theyll want some Japanese talent in there other then Minowa, the other most known Japanese LHW would be Kawamura who is with Sengoku.

frontrowbrian site profile image  

3/19/10 4:42 AM by frontrowbrian

 Dream should bring in Mark Coleman for the LHW GP.

Okkun site profile image  

3/19/10 4:40 AM by Okkun

You think those three are the only ones participating in the Grand Prix?/rhyme

S0ME0NE_BETTER site profile image  

3/19/10 12:33 AM by S0ME0NE_BETTER

Hope Mousasi doesnt get injured with all these fights he's gonna have

caposa site profile image  

3/18/10 2:11 PM by caposa

Pretty sure Ninja fights at LHW nowwould I like to see Mousasi fight UFC LHWs? Of course, who wouldn'tthe guy is still young and wants to fight as much as possible,since he's locked up in the states with SF, is he not supposed to fulfill his DREAM contract?the tournament format basicly guarantees excitement, and creates new stars along the waythat's the beauty of a GP, anything can happenit doesn't have to always be ranked vs ranked to be enjoyable

The Sultan site profile image  

3/18/10 1:55 PM by The Sultan