Rich Franklin eyes Couture, final title run


“It’s not signed yet, but we’ve been working Randy now for a while. We’ve talked June, then we talked August and now we’re talking June again,” Franklin said. “I think we’re having problems with Randy’s scheduling. So I really don’t know what the plan is at this point.”

 “I’m at a point now where I’ve fought enough fights and it’s time for me to make a title run again and see where that takes me. That’s where my focus is now,’‘ said Franklin, who has five fights left on his contract. “It depends on the speed of things. I would imagine I’ll probably end up negotiating one more contract before I retire. I’m looking at another two or three years of fighting.”

It’s also one the reasons why Gurgel, Franklin’s longtime trainer, brought him to Mark DellaGrotte at Sityodtong in Somerville. “I wanted Rich to come here and train with Mark and improve his strikes. I’m sure Rich will learn a lot. I want him to work, get his Thai boxing a little better so he can finish his career with a cherry on top. I think he deserves that,” Gurgel said. “He just needs little adjustments. I think mark can definitely help him with the little things that he needs to fix - more explosiveness, a little variation of strikes, more elbows, more knees.”

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Genious site profile image  

3/18/10 9:05 PM by Genious

I hope to god they make the Franklin-Couture fight.  Should be able to get Rich as a small favorite even though he will win in a blowout.  Serious coin will be made!

Steamfitter site profile image  

3/18/10 9:02 PM by Steamfitter

The Antidote

Shit just got real site profile image  

3/18/10 8:42 PM by Shit just got real


Immaculata site profile image  

3/18/10 7:45 PM by Immaculata

Rich is a good athlete, well rounded, and an experienced former Champion. He's still a good fight for anyone.....except you know who.

Eddie86 site profile image  

3/18/10 6:20 PM by Eddie86


Dznuts site profile image  

3/18/10 5:07 PM by Dznuts

I like Rich. It will be good to see him make a serious run @205. I think there are a lot of fantastic bouts to be had.However, I don't see him being the champ any time soon. Not saying it's impossible, but fuck, there are some serious guys in 205 right now. more than I have personally seen ever before.It might just be a little too hectic for him to win the title there. Look forward to seeing his fights though.

Fenix site profile image  

3/18/10 4:59 PM by Fenix

ah jeez, not this shit again.

Steamfitter site profile image  

3/18/10 4:52 PM by Steamfitter

The way Randy handled a game and extremely dangerous Marc Coleman makes me worry for Franklin's safety. Franklin doesn't compare with Coleman in striking and wrestling. Franklin would be Ko'd by Coleman which is why Marc was released from his contract. TUF noobs want to see tv fighters like Franklin instead of battle hardened legends like Shamrock, Coleman, and Abbott.

anunaki site profile image  

3/18/10 4:51 PM by anunaki

rampage would find his chin at some point, and I dont think forrest has the power to stop rich.also, rogerio vs rich would be good, but rtch would get tapped.

anunaki site profile image  

3/18/10 4:50 PM by anunaki

id love to see rich versus shogun or machida.He may have the footwork to corner machida and a shogun fight would be one of the original pride vs ufc dream matchups, imo.