Three Knockout of the Night bonuses


Jon Jones, Junior Dos Santos, John Howard and Clay Guida each earned $50k bonuses for their performances at Sunday's UFC on Versus 1 event.

For the first time ever, the organization dished out three "Knockout of the Night" awards (to Jon Jones, Junior Dos Santos and John Howard).

Clay Guida took the 50k Submission of the Night bonus for his arm triangle of Shannon Gugerty in the 2nd round.

No Fight of the Night bonus was awarded.

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dudley site profile image  

3/22/10 12:52 PM by dudley

Thing is when your coming up your not gonna get a 40-50k spon deal,most fighters who are not famous are lucky to get some freee gear and a thousand dollars.

EasyTapper site profile image  

3/22/10 10:55 AM by EasyTapper

But there wasn't a FOTN. Just 3 KOOTN and SOTN. So if you go for the KO instead of the sub, you have a 3x better chance of getting a bonus. Also, I would be interested in the statistics of how many fights that have been FOTN in the past were stand up battles vs. technical grappling.

HaMMerHouseFAN site profile image  

3/22/10 8:54 AM by HaMMerHouseFAN

While I agree that I think they should get more money, but don't these fighters make more for sponsorships? If they make 5k a fight and then another 5k (no idea what the average is) sponship money that is 40-50k a year, AND if they are winning they will end up making more money per fight and in sponsor money.

donkypunch55 site profile image  

3/22/10 8:43 AM by donkypunch55

This ^^

RLL site profile image  

3/22/10 8:31 AM by RLL

 Thats why there is also FOTN and SOTN... so blah

EasyTapper site profile image  

3/22/10 8:20 AM by EasyTapper

Awesome, but it starts a slippery slope of encouraging stand & wang over everything else.

RLL site profile image  

3/22/10 8:10 AM by RLL

Seems as though a TKO (almost verbal submission by Vera?) fell into the KO category enough for a win bonus? or was Zuffa trying to help the kid out because of the matt hamill debacle?

kitzsu site profile image  

3/22/10 8:06 AM by kitzsu

Vera didn't even get knocked out.. ok?

Archer0545 site profile image  

3/22/10 8:03 AM by Archer0545

Cool of the UFC to do that!!

dudley site profile image  

3/22/10 1:48 AM by dudley

The Bonus structure is awesome in the UFC but not all fighters get them and some fighters still make only 5k a fight which isnt enough when you can only fight 4-5 times a year.


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