Serra: Hardy has an edge over St-Pierre



This is mixed martial arts, a game of inches. Yes, I think he has a very good shot. This kid is game, he's game, and that is something you can't teach. Is it an easy figth? Hell no. Is it a winnable fiight? For sure.

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ShadoKhan site profile image  

3/28/10 1:30 AM by ShadoKhan


decu68 site profile image  

3/27/10 5:02 PM by decu68

Liked the interview. Serra talked about working getting out of submissions but we all know that GSP doesn't go for many submissions. GSP tries to beat you on his feet or takes you to the ground and beats on you. Does GSP have it in him to do a submission, of course, but I don't see that is how he will win it or where Hardy should have been focussing his training. Stopping the take down should have been his biggest area to focus. I am hoping for a good fight and being a GSP fan, I am always nervous for him.

Hardcharger site profile image  

3/27/10 10:47 AM by Hardcharger

We all know this, however Hardy fans have tried to point to Serra as a reason for Hardy having an advantage. Serra was more than clear that he didn't want anything to do with being accountable for Hardy's performance in this fight, especially considering Hardy never sparred for the last 3 weeks.

EasyTapper site profile image  

3/27/10 9:08 AM by EasyTapper

Well also, the better GSP does, the better Serra looks.

the geek site profile image  

3/27/10 3:21 AM by the geek

Good point Fight. I know there is the market side as well. I just find it interesting, Serra has grappled with both now (fighting one and training the other) and he is picking GSP. I's say that's a qualified opinion.

FightScientist site profile image  

3/27/10 1:27 AM by FightScientist

He was only there 2 weeks and this is all just head games. He also didn't train Dan. Dan trained at his school for his last 2 weeks of camp. Big difference. He's hardly a Serra protege.   

the geek site profile image  

3/27/10 12:48 AM by the geek

Thanks jwolf. I wonder how Hardy feels about this?

jwolf site profile image  

3/27/10 12:45 AM by jwolf

UFC had a live stream going earlier with impromptu q&a's

the geek site profile image  

3/27/10 12:41 AM by the geek

I'm going to say GSP via TKO round 3.

the geek site profile image  

3/27/10 12:26 AM by the geek

Interesting, where did you hear him say it?