Carwin, Pellegrino, Hamman & Wallace 65k bonuses at UFC 111

by Ken Pishna | source:

Shane Carwin walked away with the interim UFC heavyweight title,a shot at current champion Brock Lesnar’s title in July, and the Knockout of the Night bonus of $65,000.

Kurt Pellegrino racked up his fourth straight victory by submitting Fabricio Camoes with a rear naked choke for Submission of the Night.

Prelim fightersJared Hamman and Rodney Wallace put on a furious battle, with Hamman yaking a unanimous decision. Each go home with an extra $65,000 for their electrifying efforts.

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Thumblock site profile image  

3/28/10 6:09 PM by Thumblock

+1  it's practically robbing Miller & Bocek out of a huge payday  

DJLastCall site profile image  

3/28/10 11:14 AM by DJLastCall

Not just fans....but even The Dana prefers toughman brawls...and pays bonuses to guys who do it whether they are technically sound or not.That is also why so many people are thinking GSPs win was 'boring' because he didn't stand toe-to-toe and give Hardy a chance to knock him out.

S0ME0NE_BETTER site profile image  

3/28/10 10:48 AM by S0ME0NE_BETTER

Are you kidding me? I agree the Miller-Bocek fight should've got the FOTN, whereas Hamman & definately Wallace don't even look like they should be competing on the UFC level, it was sloppy as hell.

GaymidaGaydan site profile image  

3/28/10 2:51 AM by GaymidaGaydan


Bull_in_chinashop site profile image  

3/28/10 2:44 AM by Bull_in_chinashop

Well said!

B_Goetz site profile image  

3/28/10 2:05 AM by B_Goetz

Unbelievable that Hamman-Wallace would win FOTN over Miller-Bocek. The discrepancy in skill shown in those two fights was huge.Credit to Hamman and Wallace for fighting hard, but it's clear why they're both on the undercard.

DIZZZLE site profile image  

3/28/10 2:05 AM by DIZZZLE

I thought the Hamman vs Wallace fight was brutal.Just sloppy everything

Fugazi site profile image  

3/28/10 2:00 AM by Fugazi

55, 65....what's the fucking difference

EvilMaster site profile image  

3/28/10 2:00 AM by EvilMaster