Ben Saunders: This was just a little speed bump

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From:  Ben Saunders
Posted: 33 minutes ago
Member Since: 5/5/04
Posts: 797

Hey guys, I just wanted to apologize for my performance Saturday night. Bottom line, I am here to test myself against the best in the world and Jon Fitch is one of them. He has all my respect. He did a great job controlling me and getting the takedowns, not letting me get off. I will be back in the gym Monday working on my mistakes and becoming a better fighter. I still have no doubt in my mind that I will be a champion one day, this was just a little speed bump. It was an honor to step in the cage with someone of Fitch's caliber and he is damn good at what he does. I am sorry if it wasn't as exciting as you guys may have wanted, but I will be back to my winning ways with the attempt to put on a great show. =)


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Jack Skellington site profile image  

3/30/10 3:58 PM by Jack Skellington

always a fan!

FredEttishFan site profile image  

3/30/10 3:08 PM by FredEttishFan

Let me get this straight. You're apologizing because you lost a 3 round decision to John Fitch after taking the fight on less than 2 days notice? Don't be silly. That fight did nothing to hurt your career. The only thing you need to do is contact Pat Lawlor immediately and take some private Baboo Baby lessons. If you don't I've got no sympathy for you.

adame09 site profile image  

3/30/10 2:10 PM by adame09

He was already scheduled to fight Ellenberger on the main card before Alves was pulled. Would you please do us a favor and read the post before posting a reply.

Hungry4Stink site profile image  

3/30/10 1:04 PM by Hungry4Stink

Props for stepping up Ben. How did you make weight on that short notice?

RyanStokes site profile image  

3/30/10 1:00 PM by RyanStokes

I don't think anyone will hold that aginst you man... You fought Jon Fitch basically without game-planning for Jon Fitch... You're the man Killa B

Calem The Dream Willis site profile image  

3/30/10 12:38 PM by Calem The Dream Willis

 Don't worry Ben. You'll be back and better than ever.

blue63 site profile image  

3/29/10 8:43 PM by blue63

Keep your chin up Ben, you fought a top 3 guy on a few days notice. Your time will come.  I can't wait for your next fight, looking forward to some Killa B knees and another brutal KO!

slipperyjake site profile image  

3/29/10 8:01 PM by slipperyjake

BEN all the respect in the world for stepping up on short notice to fight a top 3 guy in your weight class...but i can't help that part of me feels bad for jake ellenberger for not being a part of the show after training to fight you. you should fight him in your next fight.the guy would be a challenge for you...he is not an easy fight but you should be able to get off standing and make it exciting for the fans. TTT

glassjaw site profile image  

3/29/10 6:16 PM by glassjaw

No need for any fighter who shows up to fight to ever apologize. I found it a very entertaining fight and kudos to you for wanting to test yourself. Best of luck in the future and I like your attitude.

sikkjitzu site profile image  

3/29/10 5:53 PM by sikkjitzu

i still cant believe what you did to marcus davis!!!!!!!you will be back!