Fitch: Ben is a stud


From:  boilerbrawn
Posted: 7 minutes ago
Edited: 03/29/10 10:35 AM
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Ben is a stud and will do big things in the future. All the respect to him and his camp for stepping up and giving me a fight on such short notice. Here are some pics from Wed. night before we knew we were fighting.




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FirstNobleTruth site profile image  

4/4/10 3:13 PM by FirstNobleTruth


UfcSpyGUY site profile image  

4/4/10 1:16 PM by UfcSpyGUY

 fitch it is a honor that you come to the ug and communicate with the fans.. you are one of the best in the division and always fight your heart out. keep doing your thing man. and also much respect to killa b

MakeMeBleed site profile image  

4/4/10 11:29 AM by MakeMeBleed

I agree with jjj2121, Fitch has nothing for GSP. He lost to Peirce IMO and he needs to beat contenders to talk about another title fight.. GSP has the ability to fight where he wants and be very good in any spot. And to compare GSP and Fitch's ground game is laughable. I dont buy Mckee fights either,is he good at what he does? yes...... will I pay to watch that???? NO  

mando site profile image  

4/4/10 4:19 AM by mando

I go to AKA and Jon is a very dedicated fighter, he's in there every day after pro practice working on improving his game till the late evening hours.

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3/29/10 10:27 PM by gorgesjorj

congrats fitch! you took out a good fighter with only two days to prepare. kudos to you for taking that fight. TTT@mmajunkiegeorge@mmajunkieradio

rtwil2007 site profile image  

3/29/10 10:09 PM by rtwil2007

Fitch, great fight. I have been a fan for a long time but finally had the chance to meet you this weekend (I was one of the guys with the twins). Thanks for being so cool to your fans.

PhillyFights site profile image  

3/29/10 9:07 PM by PhillyFights

Must feel good to know that you can walk the entire planet while knowing there's only one person your size that could potentially beat you in a fight

Immaculata site profile image  

3/29/10 8:43 PM by Immaculata

Congrats on your win, John. I felt bad for U when I found out Thiago couldn't fight. Thank God for Ben. When are you coming back to Chicago for another seminar?

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3/29/10 8:11 PM by slipperyjake


hagisan site profile image  

3/29/10 7:58 PM by hagisan

Jon Fitch has everything that I root for in a fighter. Classy, doesn't talk too much, puts his head down and fights. No fancy flying omaplatas or shit like that. He grinds people out and no one can ever, ever question his heart. Jon Fitch is an inspiration and a model of true work ethic and respect.