Ryan Couture choked out, fights on to a draw

source: tuffnuff.net

In his final fight as an amateur, Ryan Couture fought Eddie Bravo student Sean Bollinger for the Tuff-n-Uff 155-pound title in Las Vegas over the weekend. In a wild turn of events he managed to get briefly put to sleep and yet still come back to finish the fight.

At the end of the second round, Couture found himself locked in a triangle choke as the clock ticked down.  Watch closely at the 5:55 mark as Couture's arms go limp just after the bell rings to signal the end of the round.  Bollinger sees him sleeping on the mat and jumps up to celebrate, thinking it's all over, but Couture quickly comes to and the ref helps him into his corner to prepare for the final round.

The fight ended in a draw after the third, but we have to admit, it may have been one of the most exciting and technical amateur fights we've ever seen. 

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vengence site profile image  

3/30/10 12:18 PM by vengence

solid fight.i got couture with rds 1 and 2 at 10-9 eachbollinger rd 2 10-9awesome fight.how tall are each of them btw

Zapruder site profile image  

3/30/10 11:47 AM by Zapruder

Matt Hughes being woken up for his "win" over Carlos Newton...

forumnewb site profile image  

3/30/10 11:05 AM by forumnewb


tiger07 site profile image  

3/30/10 11:01 AM by tiger07

Congrats to both...great fighters! Bollinger had him out at end of second and should have been given the fight there and then IMO.Regardless, great fight from two warriors.

jmig site profile image  

3/30/10 8:50 AM by jmig

Actually Yves Lavigne gave Silva a few seconds to see if he would wake up before oficially stopping the fight. Since he couldn't that's when Yves stopped it.http://www.mma-core.com/videos/_Lyoto_Machida_vs_Thiago_Silva_UFC_94?vid=10003148&tid=100

Mmanizzle site profile image  

3/30/10 4:14 AM by Mmanizzle

that was a good fight!

Barnum site profile image  

3/29/10 10:24 PM by Barnum

Congrats Sean! Awesome fight.

blushgirl412 site profile image  

3/29/10 10:08 PM by blushgirl412

Ryan won that fight. 2 rounds to 1 on the scorecards. A 10-8 second round is insane10-9 Bollinger is more accurate. Bollinger 100% won Round 2 though.Bollinger let go of triangle at bell, ref did not pull it off. Coach should have never been inside of ring celebrating at this point. He should know better (as a coach) and should have shown more professionalism and restraint. Instead, it appears from the video that he caused (or at least added to) the confusion by celebrating too early. Bollinger did ZERO in the 3rd but buttflop to get his wind back then get up extremely slow, so everyone complaining about a Bollinger robbery needs to REwatch the 3rd round again. How come Sean let Ryan come back then if Sean "won" or got "screwed?"Couture is the one with the heart for answering the bell and winning the 3rd round. Bollinger should have kept his Round 2 pace up instead of looking to point the finger at the ref. Finish the fight or the fighter, instead of blaming the ref or judges. 1-2seconds left in Round 2 though, Bollinger WINS that fightCan't wait to watch the rematch ttt for such a great fight!

Reggie Warren Jr site profile image  

3/29/10 9:10 PM by Reggie Warren Jr

 Great 2nd round...Wow! You can see Coutures Right arm go completely limp on Sean and the ref pulls it off.