Chuck Liddell: 'I hope Jake Shields signs With UFC'


TUF 11 conference call with Chuck Liddell

Hope Jake Shields comes to the UFC, at 170

"I hope he comes over to the UFC, it'd be great. He's got a fight coming up soon at 185. He moved up to 185 ... He really needs to come back to his weight class, come back to the UFC and make a run at it there."

"Jake's one of the guys I used to train, actually. He's come a long way with his stuff. He's done some interesting stuff -- he's got some interesting fine points with his front chokes, and things like that. I grabbed a couple of things."

Tito is a scum bag

"I’ve heard the rumors, of course, but from what I understand, he has signed to fight and is actually going to show up and get the beating that he’s supposed to get. I think I earned it, having to put up with him for seven weeks. … I’ve heard the rumors too, and I hope that’s not true, because I think I earned the right to punch him."

"Tito said I had an intervention in November. I don’t know where that came from. …to make things up about my personal life, he’s a scum bag."

"Now he pissed me off enough so that now instead of training for a tune-up fight, I’m training to hurt him. I’m training to go out there and beat him. He did the worst thing he could have done... he motivated me to train."

"I miss fighting… and I miss knocking someone out. That’s what I miss most."

I was going to beat Tito in his own living room

"Tito complaining that people talking about personal life things is insane. I remember back before he fought Vitor, he said in an interview, ‘I don’t date white trash bitches like Chuck’ on a radio interview.

Now the sad thing about that was he was talking about ‘Star Magazine’ that said I was dating Juliette Lewis, which obviously wasn’t true. She’s a nice person, but we weren’t dating. I met her a couple of times … But he was referring to her, he said, when I confronted him about it and warned him not to do that again or I’d beat him in his own living room. I told him not to talk about my family ever again or I’d beat him in his own living room, and he apologized in front of all of his friends."

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sacredhate site profile image  

3/30/10 9:19 AM by sacredhate

both after parties should be retirement parties.

awilson82 site profile image  

3/30/10 9:11 AM by awilson82

LOL at Tito being a contender. Whens the last time he won again? Oh yeah it was like 06 when he fought Ken fucking Shamrock the worlds least dangerous man. Chuck aint won since 07 but at least that was wand.  

Ryase site profile image  

3/29/10 10:43 PM by Ryase

I'd love to see Shields get a title shot in the UFC. GSP could get a long overdue RD 1 TKO.

blue63 site profile image  

3/29/10 10:42 PM by blue63

looks like a motivated Chuck to me.. we'll have to see.   

The Know it all site profile image  

3/29/10 10:41 PM by The Know it all

People are forgetting how awful Tito looked in his last fight against Forrest. His once renowned cardio is now gone. In the third round of that fight he was basically a punching bag. If he'd been fighting Chuck instead of Forrest, he would have got GTFO.I used to be a huge Tito fan and got really excited about his comeback but he just doesn't have it anymore. Since his win over Belfort years ago, he hasn't looked good at all.

EnlightenedOne site profile image  

3/29/10 10:41 PM by EnlightenedOne

Ortiz can still make a dent in the division.Losing a close decision vs Forest Griffin isn't enough to count him out. Forest would brutalize tubby Chuck with leg kicks the exact way Jardine did. What makes you think Chuck can win this one?

EnlightenedOne site profile image  

3/29/10 10:39 PM by EnlightenedOne

You should be taking lessons from me. Bet on Ortiz via overhand. Chuck gets hit by the same punch EVERY time

thforklift site profile image  

3/29/10 10:28 PM by thforklift

 This may sound nutty but I'm not counting Tito out for one reason: we don't know what version of Chuck we're getting. I mean, Chuck hasn't looked like Chuck in a while. But hopefully, with the amount of time off he has had and all that he will be refreshed and ready to make for a great fight. 

blue63 site profile image  

3/29/10 10:20 PM by blue63


LayzieTheSavage site profile image  

3/29/10 9:59 PM by LayzieTheSavage

 me too Chuck... along with Nick and Gilbert.