Couture stars in Affliction commercial



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officedrone23 site profile image  

3/31/10 1:01 PM by officedrone23

getting paid to wear $75 T Shirts: awesomepaying $75 to wear a t shirt: kill yourself now

Ocean6 site profile image  

3/31/10 12:50 PM by Ocean6

Funny! I was looking at the belt, which was the object of the shot while y'all are looking at his junk.FAGS!

KahL site profile image  

3/31/10 11:02 AM by KahL

Some of that commercial are bits of their old commercial footage. But, I have to agree- a bit too many crotch shots.

thforklift site profile image  

3/31/10 10:52 AM by thforklift

 I just think it's funny since the owner of Affliction went on a tear and threatened Randy's safety at one point a year and a half ago. 

Porkchop site profile image  

3/31/10 10:28 AM by Porkchop

the average MMA noob only knows Randy Couture and average fans love him cause he's so old and makes everyone feel like they could do whatever they want.therefore he appeals to a wider range of people and gets more clothing sales.

Porkchop site profile image  

3/31/10 10:26 AM by Porkchop

seriously those are some nuthugger jeans for sure.....and I could have done without getting up close and personal with Randys junk

fiercedragon site profile image  

3/31/10 9:17 AM by fiercedragon

surprised they didn't go w/somone younger w/ a bigger upside...

inf0 site profile image  

3/31/10 2:27 AM by inf0

I'd rather wear a pink shirt with purple sleeves than Afflitction.. that shit is fucking lame....

EpicBeard site profile image  

3/31/10 2:22 AM by EpicBeard

BEEP BEEEEEEP!!!that is a very homoerotic commericial, i bet Tom Attencio was the director. LOL @ the panning crotch shots.

crowbar site profile image  

3/30/10 5:16 PM by crowbar

No Affliction shoes?