Liddell vs Couture IV at UFC 116?

by Jeremy Botter | source:

A fourth bout between UFC Hall of Famers Chuck Liddell and Randy Couture is currently being planned for UFC 116 on July 3.

A source close to the promotion informed of the news on Tuesday afternoon.

The bout would serve as the co-main event of the blockbuster card that is expected to be headlined by a UFC heavyweight title bout between Brock Lesnar and Shane Carwin.

Liddell owns a 2-1 record in the series with Couture.

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Recent Comments »

Jacques Furieuxly site profile image  

3/31/10 3:53 PM by Jacques Furieuxly

randy/toney chuck/kimbo jeeze, let your old hero's go out with a win

randysan site profile image  

3/31/10 3:28 PM by randysan

boooooo!!! Please Dana no, chuck vs jardine

goku site profile image  

3/31/10 10:37 AM by goku

 ufc must be desperate for money

epwar site profile image  

3/31/10 10:33 AM by epwar

Don't you guys see? This gives Randy a chance to tie up the series so we can get Liddell vs. Couture 5!!! Amazing!

blue63 site profile image  

3/31/10 10:30 AM by blue63

 the thought of this fight seriously enrages me it's such terrible matchmaking.

jpm995 site profile image  

3/31/10 10:29 AM by jpm995

I know it not a fight between two top 3 guys but comon doesn't else think it will be a good fight? I think Randy has improved his skill set enough to offset Chuck power advantage and take this one. He may even finish him with g&p. I like either guy against Rich better also, but it's still a good fight.

MNFAN site profile image  

3/31/10 9:49 AM by MNFAN

Does anybody know what the hell is exactly wrong with Tito? I know he's injured, and supposedly out, but how long?Randy/Chuck does nothing for me, and in my opinion if Randy is serious about making a run at the 205 title, it's a dumb fight. Chuck isn't even top 10 at 205 at this point. I understand the money implications, but I think people are overestimating that. If it's at 116, that card is already going to do gigantic numbers because of Brock, so it will be really hard to tell how many eyeballs Chuck/Randy even bring to the event.

smth416 site profile image  

3/31/10 9:36 AM by smth416

Well, bright side is this bag of shit wont be sold as a main event.

McSluggaCrackedMySkull site profile image  

3/31/10 9:34 AM by McSluggaCrackedMySkull

 Not a bad idea, make it an old pro-wrasslin style retirement match and I might be slightly interested

Roundhead site profile image  

3/31/10 9:22 AM by Roundhead

Christ, like we really need to see this fight a fourth time. I'd much rather see Franklin v Couture