Renzo Gracie on GSP's inability to finish Hardy

by Damon Martin | source:

"Jiu-jitsu is a very, very important part of this style of fighting. If it wasn't, I don't think I'd have Georges St-Pierre for 15 days at my school now training, and after he finished his fight, the first thing he did was to grab us, to go in the back, and says 'show me what I did wrong, why I didn't finish him."

"It was a very simple question. When he was doing the Kimura lock, instead of being at 12 o'clock, he should have been at 9 o'clock. Like his lower body shouldn't have been here, that would give him the leverage to actually get the guy's arm to break."

"Things like that, I know next time he won't make the mistake."

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georgejonesjr site profile image  

4/6/10 8:00 PM by georgejonesjr

Then why is not being able to finish a lock in MMA seen as a mark against his BJJ skills? It would seem more consistent to say that if the passes aren't applicable as an indicator of his BJJ skills, neither are the submissions.

jkennedy site profile image  

4/6/10 2:15 PM by jkennedy

He also has the posture to push the leg and step into half guard which doesn't use any GnP. Mind you when he postures he's probably using the threat of GnP as a deterant to stopping him...

jkennedy site profile image  

4/6/10 2:15 PM by jkennedy


Wasa-B site profile image  

4/6/10 1:52 PM by Wasa-B

All of GSP's passes in MMA have been with GNP? I think not. He has had tons of passes right off the td including those of last week's.

Fredrico site profile image  

4/6/10 12:39 PM by Fredrico

Well he lost training time grappling with Alves tearing his groin. Anyway I think he believed the Hardy standup hype too much and gave the guy too much respect.

jkennedy site profile image  

4/6/10 12:33 PM by jkennedy

Why would he bother? He made Hardy look like a tackling dummy for five rounds. The people complaining about this fight need to realize that GSP fought a fight that allowed him to get back in the gym the following week. Had he pushed the pace or stood and traded with Hardy he ran the risk of losing gym time. The guy is making a career for himself and frankly I don't blame him for looking for ways to beat people that don't leave him with stitches and a broken body.

Fredrico site profile image  

4/6/10 12:24 PM by Fredrico

Hopefully he takes more calculated risks on the feet as well. He didn't even throw his back kick this time.

stephen1547 site profile image  

4/6/10 12:19 PM by stephen1547

I think it's safe to say that the next time GSP is in the position, he will finish. GSP still makes mistakes, but he has never in his career made the same mistake twice. My guess is that he is going to go back to training and become much better at subs. It just the way it works. If he finds any weaknesses in himself, he fixes them... and then some.

Ryase site profile image  

4/6/10 12:01 PM by Ryase

Do you really not understand the fundamentals of MMA or are you sacrificing logic in an attempt to give yourself the upperhand?

disbeliever site profile image  

4/6/10 11:58 AM by disbeliever

lol its not the same as a pure grappling match. Everytime GSP passed anyones guard it was either prior or post to GnP. Having someone throw elbows at your face means you cannot risk putting your hands low and prevent passing.