Aoki: 'If I lose, Japan becomes a US colony'


"I love Japan and it is certain that if I lose, Japan will become a colony of US MMA. Some maniacs say that USA's MMA is the best but I do not worship US MMA so this is big war to me, just like my fight against Hirota."

"This is a high risk, high return proposition. If I get the return, I give it to DREAM because I am a son of DREAM. The same as in the New Year's Eve fight I am thinking 'OK, I kill you!' The relationship between me and the DREAM staff is real. They know my mind in this fight - Japan's lightweight division is world class, and of the same standard as the US lightweight talent pool. Shinya Aoki is an icon of the Japanese lightweights division and so this fight become mega match."

Aoki's countrymen have generally not fared well in their US debuts. Caol Uno is another that has not looked great since returning to the UFC Octagon last year.

"To be honest I am far from them. They are not the best of Japan. As champion of DREAM, my risk is much bigger than theirs. But if pressure destroys me I am not a true fighter."

"I can risk my life if needs be. I am a warrior.... I am really serious about MMA. So I do not talk about technique now, because this fight is not about technique but about instinct and heart! One tough guy will stand, another tough guy will fall. Everyone, look upon this scene."

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Recent Comments »

JudOWNED site profile image  

5/20/10 9:21 AM by JudOWNED

Huge mistake to get rid of the ring. There's pros and cons to both ring and cage, and they both make for different fights. I'd rather have the variety in MMA. And I like the openness of the ring and the faster paced fights it creates. That plus the longer (first) rounds makes submissions more prevelant too.And I'm not saying he would have definitely won, but Aoki v Melendez would have been a completely different fight in Japan (and not just because of hometown refs!).

EVILYOSHIDA site profile image  

5/20/10 6:42 AM by EVILYOSHIDA

dream would be making a mistake to adopt the cage.the cage makes for bad viewing and boring fights.I think they should look at it from a diff. context.sure japanese fighters lose in the US, well because not that many fight and many are cut after one loss. aoki prob. won't be back.

john joe site profile image  

5/20/10 5:46 AM by john joe

Well Sengoku has since announced it will be using the NSAC unified rules same as the UFC, and DREAM are talking about a permanent switch to a cage so I'd say US-style MMA is well on its way to edging out Japanese-style MMA; Aoki was well on the money actually

VicJenny site profile image  

5/20/10 12:27 AM by VicJenny

How have things been in Japan for the last month after becoming an American colony?

pulsar site profile image  

5/19/10 10:15 PM by pulsar

The pride faithful still have Shogun's nuts to swing from.

Damasta Shonuff site profile image  

4/20/10 4:42 PM by Damasta Shonuff

Japanese dont cut weight like alot of American MMA fighters (esp. wrestlers) do and then they act surprised when they get outmuscled in a fight. Lets face it, if you dont cut weight, you are putting yourself at a disadvantage in current MMA.

upaloompa site profile image  

4/20/10 2:33 PM by upaloompa

Can we...can we keep the women but give the rest back?

UnderTheClock site profile image  

4/20/10 2:10 PM by UnderTheClock

Japanese mma has been on the decline for years, even before Pride went under. Not a major event there anymore. 

jeyel site profile image  

4/20/10 12:46 PM by jeyel

Let's see Florian vs Aoki.

VectorWega site profile image  

4/20/10 12:37 PM by VectorWega

 I'm pretty sure Japan owns Hawaii.  Hopefully this win coupled with Frankie Edgar's can bring us one step closer to taking Hawaii back.