Bocek: Thought I won, but can't control judges

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From:  Mark Bocek
Posted: 1 hour ago
Member Since: 1/1/01
Posts: 699
Just wanted to thank all my sponsors who supported me in my last fight.

Major's Pharmacy
MG In Action
Tap Out
Tap Out Sports Nutrition

I want to thank everyone at ATT for helping me get ready, and to everyone who believed in me. I will be back soon and better than ever...

Mark Bocek

From:  Mark Bocek
Posted: 22 minutes ago
Member Since: 1/1/01
Posts: 701
Thanks guys, I thought I won also, but I can't control the judges. Jim was very humble and respectful after the fight. It was an honour to test myself against him.


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rileyo site profile image  

4/7/10 6:48 PM by rileyo

that arm-in body triangle was awesome. i thought miller edged it out personally but in a fight that close it's tough to say anyone won decisively or was robbed.

glassjaw site profile image  

4/7/10 6:46 PM by glassjaw

I thought you had it as well Mark. Great fight, much improved striking. Your straight right was landing. Keep up the great work, way to rep Canada

Jetster site profile image  

4/7/10 4:29 PM by Jetster

Great Fight and real close but I had you with a slight Nod....

goeb site profile image  

4/7/10 4:25 PM by goeb

My personal fight of the night...I thought it was a draw (not that you care,lol) and you looked really good and much improved from the last time i saw you on the main card.

Johma Sho site profile image  

4/7/10 3:28 PM by Johma Sho

Great fight Mark... like everyone is saying razor thin. Glad I wasn't a judge.

Nomak site profile image  

4/7/10 3:05 PM by Nomak

Not that it means much,But I was actually rooting for Jim Miller and even with my obvious bias I still thought you won that fight.

thforklift site profile image  

4/7/10 2:06 PM by thforklift


keepreachin site profile image  

4/7/10 1:34 PM by keepreachin

I dont understand how people get off saying "great fight, it could have gone either way." No it couldn't, Bocek CLEARLY won...every single round. Where is the outrage. We all know "don't leave it in the hands of the judges" but then we as fighters/fans sit back and just take this BS decision! Bocek wasn't sitting back bc he thought he had the fight won, he tried to finish Miller. Worst desicion then Machida vs. Shogun or Forrest vs. Tito

Kid Salami site profile image  

4/7/10 1:21 PM by Kid Salami

 Then explain it to me.  1st Round...   Bocek won 4:00 minutes of the first round, had two nice slams and was contolling him nicely on the ground.  Miller swept him with a kimura with a minute left in the round.  The kimura wasn't nearly as close as Rogan was screaming that it was (he even acknowledged this between rounds).  Although impressive and I understand how it went to Miller being that he finished strong and on top, I though Bocek did enough in the first 80% of the round to win it. 2nd round...   Should have been a 10-8 no question.  Bocek dominated that round.  If you understand the unified rules you would know that a 10-8 would have been 100% warranted. "3. A round is to be scored as a 10-8 Round when a contestant overwhelmingly dominates by striking or grappling in a round." You cannot be dominated anymore than Miller was in that round .  It was all Bocek for 5 minutes 3rd round... Standup pretty even.  On the feet for the first 2 minutes.  Miller gets taken down and fights hard to get back up.  He gets taken down again.  Bocek contols the fight for the next 2 minutes an 55 seconds.  Miller takes his back with 5 seconds left. I know Bocek is a pasty ginger canadian, but seriously...

JonnyW site profile image  

4/7/10 1:05 PM by JonnyW

Great fight!


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