Pudz: Big, soft people are fun to hit

by Anton Gurevich | source: lowkick.com

The World Strongest Man competition multi-time winner Mariusz Pudzianowski discussed his fight against the two-time UFC Heavyweight Champion Tim "The Maine-iac" Sylvia on April 27th in Worcester, Mass, for the Moosin promotion.

"Tim Sylvia is already past his prime, so the only thing he thinks about is the paycheck after the fight. When I’ll take him down and start landing my bombs, he will lose every desire to get up. His handshake at the press conference made me realize that he has a very soft body. I like big and soft people, they are fun to hit. I have to be careful from his striking in the early minutes of the fight, but I am still very confident that it will be a great victory."

"I love the idea of starting my United States experience from Tim Sylvia. He is a serious opponent and I prepare to prove everyone that I am the real deal in Mixed Martial Arts. In two years from now, I would love to fight Fedor Emelianenko. He will rip my head off if we fight today, but in two years it could be a different story. It will be very interesting to see the bookmaker's odds for that fight."

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xMMAx site profile image  

4/8/10 1:28 PM by xMMAx

Yeah two more years of training wont get you ready for Fedor lol.

Big Pun site profile image  

4/8/10 12:07 PM by Big Pun

He will learn a little lesson in endurance and then a big lesson in humility. Get him Tim

solidsnake site profile image  

4/8/10 11:59 AM by solidsnake

Yeah, Pudz seems like the type of guy who doesn't get hit hard in training.

solidsnake site profile image  

4/8/10 11:55 AM by solidsnake

I love Pudz players, but his berzerker like James Thompson fighting style will leave his chin open at the sound of the bell.I hope he can take shots well before his berzerker retard strength gets the awkward bum rush takedown.

Sprawl'n'Stall site profile image  

4/8/10 11:25 AM by Sprawl'n'Stall

Yep. Somehow I don't get this. It's a HUGE step up in competition... for a man with actually no MMA competition experience.I hope Pudz wins but as a betting man my money is on Tim.

rbl site profile image  

4/8/10 11:15 AM by rbl

 I'm pretty sure Sylvia gets it if he trained at all, but it would still be pretty sweet to see Pudzianowski bear hug him unconscious or something.

triso site profile image  

4/8/10 10:20 AM by triso

This is the truth. People who thinks otherwise are probably taking "looks" into consideration.

Ice Iowa site profile image  

4/8/10 10:06 AM by Ice Iowa

Also, and I understand this isn't the UFC, but after one day more than 4,600 tickets have been sold. And, that's without any local advertising. The press conferences generated that much juice. Nice to see Massachusetts embracing MMA so quickly.

Ice Iowa site profile image  

4/8/10 9:59 AM by Ice Iowa

The event is May 21, not April 27 like the article states.

junon site profile image  

4/8/10 1:32 AM by junon

all i know is that it was Asia that said "i like em small and stuff" right before started sucking off Mandingo.