TUF 11, episode 2 recap

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With the season debut and elimination-round fights out of the way, this week we turn to episode No. 2 of "The Ultimate Fighter 11" and the next round of the competition.

An episode-one recap shows us some highlights and introduces us to the 14 fighters who won their way into the "TUF" house: Kyle Noke, Rich Attonito, Charles Blanchard, Josh Bryant, Nick Ring, Kyacey Uscola, Joe Henle, (MMAjunkie.com blogger) Brad Tavares, James Hammortree, Jamie Yager, Court McGee, Clay McKinney, Chris Camozzi and Kris McCray.

As the second episode gets underway, we watch the guys pull up to their new home for the next six weeks. After a mad dash for bedrooms, Clay reminds us how important it was for the fighters to win their first bouts.

"No one remembers the guys who got beat," he says.

After some handshakes, hugs and nervous boasting, a few of the walking wounded share battle stories from their elimination-round fights. Chris, for example, has a broken tooth in the back of his mouth that's now infected, and Clay complains of a shoulder injury.

After some well-deserved rest, the fighters return to the TUF Training Center the following day, and coaches Chuck Liddell and Tito Ortiz are ready to pick teams.

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MakeMeBleed site profile image  

4/8/10 12:47 PM by MakeMeBleed

my Dad always said the only 2 ways to truly learn is pain or humiliation

epwar site profile image  

4/8/10 11:29 AM by epwar

Think about this - because of the timing of when Tito did it, chances are Clayton will never forget that escape in his life. Tito is a great coach.

Domingo site profile image  

4/8/10 11:23 AM by Domingo

That whole sequence felt hammy to me. Tito was playing up to the cameras on “what a great coach he is.” There’s no way Clayton’s mind was in a place to absorb anything right then. Plus, the end sequence was all about mastery of basics. It’s not like he didn’t know what happened, Noke just executed better than he did. In theory proper defense and recognition should render submission holds obsolete, yet they still keep happening. There isn’t much room for error/improper technique when people are going 100% live.

CagePotato site profile image  

4/8/10 10:40 AM by CagePotato


BigWilliam site profile image  

4/8/10 10:36 AM by BigWilliam

Clayton came off like a douche and so did Jay or whoever the dude with the afro is.Why is losing by triangle so unbelievable? It's one of the most common submissions in MMA for a reason, it's a good one.

Papa BUrgandy site profile image  

4/8/10 10:11 AM by Papa BUrgandy

Just give me one minuteClayOne minute of your time and then you can do what you wantClayOne minute clay, give me one minute

clattymine site profile image  

4/8/10 9:48 AM by clattymine

How about Noke? As soon as it hit the ground it was like someone flipped the switch to the "On" position. That guy was a machine. Sub attempt to sub attempt to sub.

greentrousers site profile image  

4/8/10 9:30 AM by greentrousers

 liddell has tito's number; but i think tito has liddell's number in busting his balls. seriously, liddell acts like an idiot when he talks about or mentions tito.  just let it go chuck.

39 site profile image  

4/8/10 9:14 AM by 39

please claytonpleasepleaseplease claytonpleasepleaseplease please pleaseplease claytonpleasepleaseplease claytonplease pleasepleaseplease clayton

crazydave site profile image  

4/8/10 8:20 AM by crazydave

Noke wins it all.