DFW: Ortiz vs Liddell 'absolutely' UFC 115 main event

source: sportsnet.ca

For weeks rumors have floated about Chuck Liddell opponent at UFC 115. The original announcement was Tito Ortiz, but web sites have variously reported other opponents including Rich Franklin and Randy Couture. In a recent interview with Joe Ferraro on Sportsnet's MMA Connected, Dana laid the rumors to rest:

"Absolutely. The definite main event is Tito vs. Chuck Liddell. That's definitely the main event."


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Griffdog site profile image  

5/27/10 12:29 PM by Griffdog

They won't be walking out. Probably ever. By the time Tito heals from surgery Chuck will have retired for good.Very few people care to see this anyways. We saw it twice. Chuck Kicked his ass. It's over.

Modern Day Messiah site profile image  

5/27/10 11:36 AM by Modern Day Messiah

everyone will be pumped by the time they walk out, bottom line

chingluksuwa site profile image  

5/27/10 11:31 AM by chingluksuwa

No matter what they think of each other.... No matter what they say or do to each other....No matter what happens in TUF..... I find the idea of this fight uninteresting and overdone.

epwar site profile image  

5/27/10 11:30 AM by epwar

Dana lied to us? SHOCKER!


5/27/10 10:39 AM by K-Dub-"T"


forrestfan site profile image  

5/27/10 10:31 AM by forrestfan


GaymidaGaydan site profile image  

4/8/10 6:04 PM by GaymidaGaydan

+1. I care less about this then i did about Tito/Forrest which was worthless.

Thunderlips The Ultimate Male site profile image  

4/8/10 5:56 PM by Thunderlips The Ultimate Male

"By the end of the season many folks will want to see it."Not anyone who saw them fight the first 2 times.

SecondBase site profile image  

4/8/10 8:28 AM by SecondBase

I have a hard time believing anything that Tito and Chuck do on the show will have an influence on me wanting to see them headlining a PPV. There will be a lot of acting between them to draw some heat, but I somehow doubt their supposed hatred is really that deep. Money talks and both these guys realize that this is their chance to line their pockets one more time...for one of them, perhaps the last time. That said, I don't mind that they are fighting again, I just hope the rest of the card is stacked.

Pornstache Mazagatti site profile image  

4/8/10 7:04 AM by Pornstache Mazagatti

Cindy is real cute sometimes.