Renzo's open work out at UFC 112



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SKARHEAD site profile image  

4/8/10 11:16 PM by SKARHEAD

LOL @ Matt Hughes not slowing at all.

ACalandrelli site profile image  

4/8/10 10:43 PM by ACalandrelli

Weres the video?

irishrottie site profile image  

4/8/10 10:42 PM by irishrottie

hughes is gonna batter him

The Sultan site profile image  

4/8/10 10:35 PM by The Sultan

 Before Maia got KO'd, I considered him one of the biggest threats to Anderson's title in the 185 lb division.  Unfortunately seeing Nate M. dispose of him rather easily skewed my view of his ability to take a punch.  If you multiply Nate's punch by 2, then you got Anderson's accuracy and power.

inf0 site profile image  

4/8/10 9:26 PM by inf0

I know man.. BJ and Anderson are a couple of my all time favourites to watch. I really think people are unfairly writing off both Edgar and Maia... we'll see... I think Maia might pull the upset.

The Sultan site profile image  

4/8/10 9:24 PM by The Sultan

 I'm most excited about Anderson Silva and BJ Penn.......but I'm totally intrigued with seeing all 3 headliners in all honesty.

inf0 site profile image  

4/8/10 9:20 PM by inf0

I wouldn't mind being wrong on this fight! I really think Renzo Gracie is a legend and I am definitely guilty of working my angles to garner the greatest amount of 'drama'/activity' on threads. I need to remember that there are real people behind the names being typed. I sometimes forget. Renzo Gracie is an extrodinary human being. When he speaks, it is amazing how heartfelt this guy is. I wish it was true what he's saying about confidence being everything in fighting, or in life... but plenty of guys who truely believed they were going to win have had their asses handed to them. Perhaps more so than the ones who managed to win above their level with similar beliefs. Confidence is a lot, but to say it is everything is an overstatement. I think Matt Hughes is going to work the feet a lot in this fight actually, he really won't be worried about Renzo knocking him out or taking him down. So, if it goes to the ground I suspect it might be because Renzo has rocked him. Let's see! As far as the three headliners go, this fight has the potential to be the most competitive. I can't wait.

BuddyRevell site profile image  

4/8/10 9:17 PM by BuddyRevell

Yeah, I definitely agree that the overall level of competition is greater with these newer generation fighters like GSP and that has been a big factor in not just Hughes, but a lot of the veteran fighters having a harder time lately. But I do think there has been some amount of physical depreciation with Hughes. How much I am unsure of. 

The Sultan site profile image  

4/8/10 9:16 PM by The Sultan

 " agree with what you are saying about Matt Hughes to a certain point. I don't really think it is Matt Hughes who has lost a step as much as I think the competition is greater now. Guys weren't as good as GSP or even Thiago Alves when Matt Hughes was reigning champion. You see, it is my belief that Matt Hughes hasn't slowed at all, the competition finally caught up and surpassed him to a point. That does not mean that all of a sudden guys like Renzo Gracie or say Carlos Newton or Frank Trigg are going to pop out of the wood work and start beating him!" Yeah, I can totally agree with you on that point.  Definitely makes a lot more sense.  

The Sultan site profile image  

4/8/10 9:15 PM by The Sultan

 Hughes has trained enough BJJ to avoid submissions and I'm not sure if Renzo will be able to overcome the combination of Hughes' strength, his knowledge of BJJ and his wrestling background.  I'm not sure if fighting Hughes from your guard would be a good idea. I'd give the style of Dustin Hazelett's jiu-jitsu a shot at catching Hughes in a sub, but I'm not sure if Renzo will be able to pull off the flexible, rubbery type guard sub he needs to beat/sub a strong wrestler like Hughes.