Interview with BJ Penn's coach Rudy Valentino

by Elias Cepeda | source:

Fresh off the plane, Penn’s coach Rudy Valentino spoke with Cage Potato about what went wrong in the fight and what is next for Penn.

EC: All three judges scored the fight for Frankie Edgar – for what it’s worth I scored the fight for Edgar as well – but every single round was close and was difficult to score. How did you view the outcome?

RV: One judge scored every round for Edgar but what I saw in the fight when I was watching it, and I haven’t watched it again on tape, but watching it as it happened, I felt that BJ won the first three rounds. The fourth round was even and I think he lost the last round. So I feel BJ won the fight. He was also battling a sinus infection and was on antibiotics, so he was not one hundred percent. I’m not making any excuses, that is just what happened. I didn’t see him lose that fight but I did see him lose the last round. As for effectiveness of punches, I thought BJ had it. Frankie got two takedowns but BJ got up real fast and nothing happened on the ground there, so I don’t know if they could score the fight based on those two takedowns.

What went wrong in the fight to make it closer than you all had wanted it to be?

RV: One of the mistakes, well, I wouldn’t say mistakes, but one thing that BJ couldn’t do this fight was get his combinations off. He would throw one punch at a time. It was one punch and then come back with one punch. When he came back in the corner in between rounds I told him to try and get more punches in and to go from punches to takedowns - to work something on the ground. From the second round on I was telling him to take it to the ground. I even told him that if Edgar took him down to keep it on the ground that way as well. Once I saw that Edgar was doing pretty good with his standup, I thought it was a good idea to take it to the ground.

EC:  if you had your way as a coach, you’d want an automatic rematch for BJ against Frankie?

RV: Straight to the rematch. I was talking to BJ and we are looking for a straight automatic rematch. We don’t know when but we’d like it in Hawaii.

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ohferfuxsakes site profile image  

4/13/10 12:45 AM by ohferfuxsakes

 prolly woulda...franky i hate you now

S0ME0NE_BETTER site profile image  

4/13/10 12:34 AM by S0ME0NE_BETTER

penn won the first 3, edgar the last two. Penn should've listened & took it to the ground, he prolly woulda sub'd franky, but whats done is done

sak-fu site profile image  

4/12/10 9:37 PM by sak-fu

You must admit that he didn't look the same as he has been the previous fights. Who knows.

TheAssMurderer site profile image  

4/12/10 8:50 PM by TheAssMurderer

I was as sick as I've ever been this year (flu), and it did not last for 3 weeks. That said I had Penn winning the fight.

Pink Bunkadoo site profile image  

4/12/10 8:39 PM by Pink Bunkadoo

ah...the dreaded sinus infection. whatever.

stillmatic site profile image  

4/12/10 8:22 PM by stillmatic

<blockquote>orcus -  I hope they don't do an instant rematch. GSP, Hughes, Randy, Sylvia, Franklin -- none of these guys ever got instant rematches. All of them had to beat somebody else first. <br /></blockquote><br /><br />Those guys all lost their titles decisively, not on a controversial decision.

suioryu site profile image  

4/12/10 8:15 PM by suioryu


ScottCL site profile image  

4/12/10 7:49 PM by ScottCL

While I agree that an instant rematch in this case is not warranted, I think that shogun did deserve an instant rematch. I would qualify shogun/machida as a robbery, whereas Edgar did enough to win the fight, if not by as many points as two certain judges seemed to think. Penn did win in my estimation though, but thems the breaks.

IP site profile image  

4/12/10 7:48 PM by IP

You made too many assumptions, orcus.

orcus site profile image  

4/12/10 7:45 PM by orcus

 "How is it that we can collectively come to a pretty close conclusion on the outcome, yet the judges scores reflect something completely different? That fact does not make sense." Because the judges are not friends or trainers of BJ, they are not fans of BJ, an they don't go into the fight thinking "BJ is going to steamroll this kid, Edgar has nothing for him".