Greg Jackson impressed with Anderson's performance


Jackson said on The Fight Show with Mauro Ranallo that he had no problem with Silva’s antics against Demian Maia at UFC 112.

“I actually really enjoyed the first part of the fight, with Anderson changing up his style, like he would do Machida, then he would kind of do the Diaz brothers’ thing, then Muhammad Ali,” Jackson said. “I was actually very entertained with all the different styles that he was emulating as he was going after him.

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robnashville site profile image  

4/16/10 6:28 AM by robnashville


TheLuckyMilkMan site profile image  

4/16/10 6:14 AM by TheLuckyMilkMan

not fighting means he didnt try to finish... thats why this fight didnt end in a ko/tko... not fate or coincidence so it does matter

SofterThanRoseannesSonn site profile image  

4/14/10 6:08 PM by SofterThanRoseannesSonn

Greg would say that considering he loves boring decision victories.

TheBlazilian site profile image  

4/14/10 5:33 PM by TheBlazilian

I honestly think Anderson Silva is one of the p4p best. I appreciate his style (most of the time) and don't think there is a single soul in his division or below that could easily walk away with the W in a fight against Anderson. I can respect the fact that he is so talented that he can emulate other fighters styles. I can also appreciate the fact, even though he may go completely overboard with it at times, he tries to entertain. I think in order to properly assimilate a style, you must be successful in doing it. Sure, Anderson bounced around and emulated the styles but he did little to nothing in his performance of those styles. Had he used it to greater effect, I think I would be able to applaud him for it. Hell! That would be down right frightening. However, the fact remains that he did little while playing Lyoto Machida.Another aspect may be that Anderson doesn't fully America's ideas on sportsmanship and entertainment. Maybe this was his idea of putting on a great show... or it could be that everyone here who is thinking with their emotional mind is right. Maybe he has gotten arrogant and thinks anything he does while fly.Fact is, I don't see us getting a straight answer from anyone directly involved with this situation. In order for us to truly assess his intentions, we'll have to watch his career play out. Once he's stopped painting, we can truly see the big picture...IMHO

NHB USA site profile image  

4/14/10 5:22 PM by NHB USA

 Iagree. Jackson is just trying to keep GSP motivated imo...

truthisalive site profile image  

4/14/10 5:16 PM by truthisalive

he did machida, Rickson, and Silva...get it right yo.

Clichy site profile image  

4/14/10 5:00 PM by Clichy

That was the entire article!

I AM A MOFO site profile image  

4/14/10 4:59 PM by I AM A MOFO

Jackson said the same things about the Leites fight though.I have to question how much he truly enjoyed watching those, and how much he just wants to sound like this super MMA guru he's often portrayed as by praising a really technical fighter.

I AM A MOFO site profile image  

4/14/10 4:57 PM by I AM A MOFO

Agreed, for the most part.

Fillups422 site profile image  

4/14/10 4:40 PM by Fillups422

Cant lay on what you cant catch :)