Ross on Silva: 'I know a head case when I see one'


Jim Ross is a professional wrestling commentator and former company executive of the WWE. He is currently working for World Wrestling Entertainment as part of its SmackDown brand. To many peers, Ross is considered to be one of the best wrestling announcers in history and has been called the voice of WWE.

UFC in Abu Dhabi was a stinker. Too bad, too. Only one opportunity to make a first impression in a new market.

Not sure what's up with Anderson Silva but it sure sounds like it's attitudinal and ego driven. Fighters. wrestlers, ball players, etc have a responsibility to always give the fans their monies worth and Silva hasn't done that too many times lately. Helluva talented guy but he appears to becoming a 'head case' and I assure you that after being in pro wrestling for 36 years I know a 'head case' when I see one.

I would not have confidence that Anderson Silva can be 'the guy' and headline PPV events until he regains the trust and the confidence of UFC/MMA fans.

B.J. Penn losing surprised me as he is one of my favorites but it was obviously a close fight and I've said before that MMA judging is often times some what schizophrenic. Penn will be back and this loss doesn't devalue him remotely close to what Silva's win did for "the Spider."

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Steve4192 site profile image  

4/16/10 9:21 AM by Steve4192

VTFD to fiercedragon for misuse of the voting system, and VTFU for NDMMAfan in order to counter fiercedragon's VTFD.

Putin site profile image  

4/16/10 7:34 AM by Putin


frontrowbrian site profile image  

4/16/10 7:32 AM by frontrowbrian

JR gets fired up. STONE COLD   .. STONE COLD... STONE COLD! 

slamming site profile image  

4/16/10 7:26 AM by slamming

 JR correct as usual!

INDK site profile image  

4/16/10 6:48 AM by INDK

 Much respect for JR.

TheLuckyMilkMan site profile image  

4/16/10 6:25 AM by TheLuckyMilkMan

sounds correct to me.i am a fan of silvas but he seems so sure of his own piety that he believes he can do no wrong. like no matter what he did its ok because it is him thats doing it. he truly seems not to care about those paying his check anymore... the paying fansfighter switches happen and smack talk definitely happens so if this is what happens every time that occurs than we can expect more lengthy clownings in the future

ShanTheGSPee'dOnMan site profile image  

4/16/10 3:22 AM by ShanTheGSPee'dOnMan

Good Ol JR is correct

Kirkifan1 site profile image  

4/16/10 3:16 AM by Kirkifan1

lol at enjoying anderson's style changes. lol that wouldve been cool if he actually did something. he didnt do shit

roadblock site profile image  

4/15/10 5:23 PM by roadblock

Probably the best analysis of that dog of an event.