Mayorga karate chops Din at presser


Yesterday, Shine Fights held a pre-fight press conference for its Mayorga-Thomas fight scheduled for next month on May 15th. During the session, things got pretty tense between Mayorga and Thomas.

 Payout Perspective:

There was something about the dynamic of Mayorga talking so much trash, the old lady translating, and Thomas visibly seething that made the press conference highly entertaining. While I don’t condone the language or discriminatory remarks, I will admit that I am now very interested to see this fight. Shine may have something here; it’s just a matter getting this clip enough exposure to generate significant interest in the show.

My only hesitation with press conferences of this nature – or the whole trash talking to hype fights strategy – is that if it happens too often, it will eventually lose its value. I also tend to think there’s a bit of credibility pulled from the sport when something like this happens – it sort of feeds or perpetuates the stereotypes.


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