Liddell opening Ultimate Iceman store on Sat

by Julia Hickey | source:

Fans of former mixed martial arts champion Chuck Liddell can now browse lines of sports supplements and mixed martial arts clothing in what he has dubbed a “fan headquarters” in San Luis Obispo.

Called Ultimate Iceman, the store will display memorabilia signed by the former Ultimate Fighting Championship light heavyweight champion, as well as awards such as trophies and the gold-plated “mantlers” he received for being named Most Dangerous Man at the Spike TV 2007 Guy’s Choice Awards.

Liddell, who owns the store, will attend the grand opening at 588 California Blvd. at noon Saturday to sign autographs for the first 100 fans.

Store manager Natalie Poor said that Liddell will make appearances at the store whenever possible but noted that during the past few years, he has been busy with activities such as training for the ABC TV competition show “Dancing with the Stars” and now for a fight against Rich Franklin in the June Ultimate Fighting Championship main event in Vancouver.

In his absence, Liddell has relied on his sister Laurelai Wallis of Los Alamos and brother Dan Liddell of San Luis Obispo to organize the business, marketing and sales of his sports supplements, which he designed and debuted in 2009 with local retailer MG Sports Supplements.

The siblings have been instrumental in opening the store, Poor said.

“He likes to work closely with people who have his best interests in mind,” she added.

Grand opening of the ULTIMATE ICEMAN Store at 588 California Blvd in San Luis Obispo, California from 12pm to 5pm. The first 100 guests will receive Chuck Liddell autographs and there will be special giveaway prizes throughout the day. Guests can also sample the new Iceman Supplements, enter to win Chuck's next fight shorts, purchase Iceman memorabilia and clothing and TapouT merchandise. Chuck Liddell, The Pit Fight Team, and TapouT crew will be in attendance.

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fightsfan site profile image  

4/17/10 11:58 AM by fightsfan

CHUCK has deservedly probably earned more dollars than most of us realize, taking in his PPV cut deal.LIDDELL kept fighting while waiting for a TITLE SHOTLIDDELL dusted TITO twice to DANA'S chagrinLIDDELL was an exciting striker as a CHAMPION biringing in more fans and fueling UFC'S GROWTHFor all this he is Dana's soulmateChuck buying vacant commercial land is very sepculative, as long as it was a diversified investment after some other more secure properties, otherwise he would have been an idiot. It must have been discretionary funds based on making a shitload from the UFC.The MMA STORE could be a good outlet do possibly do national distribution, it gives him a flagship. Potentially nice deal as long there is not a lot of dowside of him pumping too much dough into the venture.

nyhcloyalty site profile image  

4/17/10 11:13 AM by nyhcloyalty

Agreed with you completely, but some people just love to hate.

humphrey sphinctermuscle site profile image  

4/17/10 8:17 AM by humphrey sphinctermuscle

lol sure you were.

HollywoodHendo site profile image  

4/17/10 5:46 AM by HollywoodHendo

 Since it looks like nobody here lives in SLO, or anywhere nearby, Chuck is worshipped in the area. I went to a book signing of his in SLO once (yes, for THAT book) and it was nuts. A lot of people I went to High School with have since moved to SLO, and there's always a Chuck Liddell story. It'll do just fine.

parklife site profile image  

4/17/10 4:27 AM by parklife

LOL awesome first post.

PrinceAlbert site profile image  

4/17/10 1:17 AM by PrinceAlbert

I wonder if Antonio will be there signing autographs as well?

EPGScott site profile image  

4/17/10 1:02 AM by EPGScott

They are wrong!I was told directly from one of the few people who would know.ChuckZuffa ManagementOne of his ManagersHis accountantThose are really the only people who would know the truth.Anyways, it's Friday night, I am heading to the strip to meet some friends.

humphrey sphinctermuscle site profile image  

4/16/10 11:48 PM by humphrey sphinctermuscle

 yeah? well my girlfriends sisters bestfriends parents gardner told me different.

EPGScott site profile image  

4/16/10 11:40 PM by EPGScott

Humphrey - My business partner is best friends with someone who would know and I was told what he made about 2 years ago. The person who told me, would know. I don't care if you believe me or not, but if you don't think he makes that much, then you really should get better sources. Top fighters in the UFC are making bank, regardless what the keyboard warriors of the world think.

TheParrot site profile image  

4/16/10 11:37 PM by TheParrot

 He's not eligible for a roth ira.