Coker on Emelianenko, Aoki, Melendez, Carano, and Shields


On Fedor Emelianenko

With Fedor ... we are dealing with him, trying to get some issues resolved. We were hoping he'd be fighhting, but it didnt work out. Myabe we can get him back in the near future

Sometimes I think it is a language barrier, sometimes I think it is a cultural barrier. We have some hoops to jump through, and were trying to get through them.


On Shinya Aoki v Gil Melendez

It took me about a year. It was a personal goal of me to have their champions fight out champions ... this is for the number one slot in the world.


On Gina Carano

I believe theres that fire inside of her, and I dont think she doesnt want to end her carreer with the Cristine Cyborg fight ...

We'll reconnect, we've been friends for a long time ... go become a big star, then come back and fight


Jake Shields' future

Let's see what happens sat night. Jake's future is in his hands, no matter where he ends up. Fighters are going to go back and forth and that's the future.



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