Soares: 'Anderson never fired back at Dana'

source: The Underground

From: ed sinister
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I read the thread this morning about "The Spider fires back at Dana" It says that he said this: "Some people that don't fight think that I owe Dana something. He owes me for the fights I have put on for him. He owes me a lot. Dana would not have had a show or turnout without me"

This is complete bullshit!!!! He has never said that.....

Who is this reporter? Never heard of him...

Ed Soares


Read entire thread...

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Wade5000 site profile image  

6/3/10 8:47 PM by Wade5000

I think Anderson has learned a lot..

EKPOGI site profile image  

6/3/10 7:31 PM by EKPOGI


Cretard site profile image  

5/5/10 7:03 PM by Cretard

I'll take that bet.

HexRei site profile image  

5/5/10 6:43 PM by HexRei

or maybe he just couldnt see you, with everyone else's shoulders being around the height of the top of your fauxhawk.

lookoutawhale site profile image  

5/5/10 6:38 PM by lookoutawhale


CARI0CA site profile image  

4/19/10 11:29 AM by CARI0CA

Ryanwilcox- "OMA is as reliable as your translations"OH SNAPshit just got real

Cretard site profile image  

4/19/10 10:24 AM by Cretard

My realtor beat the shit out of Paulo Filho and will do the same to Anderson Silva.That'd be real fitting for Soares to sick one of his pitbulls like Filho on me though, I bet Ed wouldn't even give them the full translation as to why it was going down.Shockingly the reality is that I am a 60-40 favorite to Radach/Lafevre anyone from his camp and he knows it.

pato1 site profile image  

4/19/10 7:44 AM by pato1

I'd find it funny if Paulo Filho, Jose Aldo or another of Ed's clients took umbrage with CRETARD (a more fitting name on the UG there is not) dicking their manager and offered to take up the challege on Ed's behalf. It obviously won't happen but maybe it'd shut shit like this up.Just what is the point of OMA's trolls? Does he get his jollies from this? It wouldn't be half as bad if it was remotely funny.

The Marvelous One site profile image  

4/19/10 2:10 AM by The Marvelous One

awww....come to Tul$a, my fren!