Was Mayhem criminally assaulted by members of Cesar Gracie camp?

by Brent Brookhouse | source: bloodyelbow.com

First of all allow me to rant. I'm embarrassed for the sport of mixed martial arts.  I don't fault Strikeforce for the brawl and honestly I think it's unfair to fault Miller.  Miller went in to the cage and did some "thunder stealing" yes.  But when the repercussion for that became gang assualt I am not sure.  Did we see Matt Hughes' boys jump Georges St. Pierre for stating that he was "not impressed by his performance?"

I entirely hope that we see the Cesar Gracie camp members involved in the attack charged with assault and forced to own up to their behavior in court.  I also would like to see both Diaz brothers, Gilbert Melendez and anyone else involved with the assault suffer a massive suspension.  Anything under one year would be too little in my eyes.

When you watch the video there are multiple men attacking one man for asking "when do I get my rematch."  That's it, not any physical act provoking it, simply words.  Then we see members of the camp stomping on a man who is engaged and held down by other fighters.  This is no different from any sort of gang assault you would see on the streets, and the fact that talented fighters were involved should not lessen the actions taken against these men.

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studiocamp site profile image  

4/19/10 5:50 PM by studiocamp

Come on, could a punch from Shields really be considered assault?The scuffle was the highlight of the event and was actually the only thing worth waking everyone else up who were watching the fights with me.

Mc6pack site profile image  

4/19/10 5:26 PM by Mc6pack

 I live on a council estate in the north west of england, believe me, taddle tails around here dont last long, but there's a big difference between havin a scrap and jumpin someone 5 on 1, theres a bigger difference still to jumpin someone 5 on 1 on national television at a sporting event. Ive been jumped a couple of times (groups) while walkin alone to the taxi rank paraletic after a night out, ive spent a christmas in hospital on one of the occasions, did I goto the police ? nope.. I like to keep my options open, id rather (which I did) get names and address' so dont take me as a pansy little telltale cause believe me I am FAR from it. When it comes to shit like that at an MMA event on TV it SHOULD be punished by the law IMO else what message is that sending ? 

Pyrenus site profile image  

4/19/10 5:18 PM by Pyrenus

People keep saying Mayhem was pushing up on him, got in his face, bumped chests, bumped his hat, etc.He was trying to talk into the mic. It seems very clear to me, but I guess people see what they want to see.

TheJudge site profile image  

4/19/10 4:26 PM by TheJudge

1- combatvette just leave it be. Morons are morons and this is an MMA forum so let the social commentary speak for itself.2- Everyone crying about criminal charges and the like should just relax. No one was hurt and no one is pissed so who cares? I still come back to Strikeforce's role in this fiasco and they are mostly to blame. Miller was just trying to hype a fight and the Gracie boys were just reacting to a perceived disrespect. If Strikeforce had actually planned this, like any UFC challenge in the ring it's KNOWN before it happens, in fact they tell them to do it, it would've been a non issue.

Juzz site profile image  

4/19/10 9:12 AM by Juzz

+1And I am not even American.

BattleFC site profile image  

4/19/10 9:09 AM by BattleFC

Agree, athletic commission should revoke each one of their corner license for at least a year. Unfortunately, each state has a different athletic commission. Therefore they won't be able to corner in Nasheville but this will probably repeat itself when Strikeforce is in California. So how do you resolve these situations across multiple organizations in multipe states? What would the Sheik do if this happened in Abu Dhabi?

Combat Vette site profile image  

4/19/10 9:06 AM by Combat Vette

I hope you get AIDS, you god forsaken hippie trash.

Combat Vette site profile image  

4/19/10 9:00 AM by Combat Vette

 This is my favorite comment on Diaz's site. Anonymous,  April 17, 2010 10:42 PM   Disgracie

Combat Vette site profile image  

4/19/10 8:48 AM by Combat Vette

 Oh MY!!! He pressed against him?  I'm surprised Mayhem didn't get SHOT for that!!  What a disrespectful jerk!

Combat Vette site profile image  

4/19/10 8:44 AM by Combat Vette

Are you in jail right now?  What are you going to trial for?  Pedophilia??  Where is your trial going to be?  I will come be on the jury and make sure you get put in jail. You're a moron if you think Mayhem started that.  Coming in and stealing a guys thunder doesn't justify getting a gang style beat down.