Penn vs Edgar II, UFC 118, Aug. 28, in Boston


Former UFC lightweight champion BJ Penn will get his rematch with Frankie Edgar on August 28th, Fighters Only can reveal after speaking with several key sources. The fight will headline UFC 118, the UFC’s first card in Boston, Massachusetts.

Penn lost the title to Edgar at UFC 112 on April 10th by way of a controversial unanimous decision. Edgar outworked and out-manoeuvred Penn for much of the fight, but it was an extremely close affair that produced three very different judges’ scorecards. One judge gave all five rounds to Edgar, but that score has been widely ridiculed.

Both Penn and Edgar have since given interviews to Fighters Only and other media outlets in which they stated an immediate rematch was the most likely prospect. Placing it on the Boston card makes sense geographically as Edgar’s New Jersey home is only a five-hour drive away, allowing plenty of his fans to travel for the fight.

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Nipples of Kirik site profile image  

4/23/10 11:56 AM by Nipples of Kirik

ugh hope this isn't the main event

Archer0545 site profile image  

4/23/10 10:52 AM by Archer0545

 Ok, you didn't hear me asking for either of those matches did ya?  I believe the Bias is yours. And they weren't immediate rematches either.  Circumstances had changed.

chingluksuwa site profile image  

4/23/10 6:08 AM by chingluksuwa

Fucken rematches are getting boring. Give them a different fight or 2 each... might throw a bit of variety into the division's title fights for fuck's sake.Seeing Edgar defend his title successfully would have made him more legit. And if he loses, then it's something new for us all to chat about! As for Penn, feeding someone to him in the meantime would have at least been interesting, even if he was a sure win imo. Give Nate Diaz a go at him!Holy shit that's not a bad idea actually... Even one of them has the stronger chance, that would be an interesting one.

ohferfuxsakes site profile image  

4/20/10 10:13 PM by ohferfuxsakes

 Well, your point is good for one, but not good for the other?  You're biased, it's plain to see. BJ got TKO'dTFO by Hughes and still got his match with GSP, after losing to GSP prior to that Hughes match.   So yeh...

Archer0545 site profile image  

4/20/10 9:56 PM by Archer0545

 Exactly the point, GSP got KTFO'd.  BJ lost a decision that was controversial to say the least.

The Sultan site profile image  

4/20/10 9:38 PM by The Sultan

 Hard to deny BJ an immediate rematch when Shogun got an immediate rematch with Machida. However, I like how the UFC handled the GSP rematch with Matt Serra.  GSP had to fight and win to warrant a rematch....however, he was finished in his 1st fight with Serra, so maybe that's the difference?

FingerorMoon site profile image  

4/20/10 9:30 PM by FingerorMoon

You all weren't paying attention.Its in every UFC contract that when one of Dana's favourites (ie money makers) losers it is always best 2 out of 3.To be the champ you've got to beat the champ....twice.

Bounty Hunter site profile image  

4/20/10 9:20 PM by Bounty Hunter

i just think its funny that UFC nuthuggers gave Strikeforce such a hard time for giving Rogers a shot at Overeem, then UFC turns around and basically does the same thing.

ohferfuxsakes site profile image  

4/20/10 4:43 PM by ohferfuxsakes

 Thanks for proving my point that each fighter fought and won their chance to fight for the title.

ohferfuxsakes site profile image  

4/20/10 4:42 PM by ohferfuxsakes

 look can freak out if you want...but BJ didn't last with Hughes and he still got a title fight with GSP.