Inoue: Willingness to die is not a choice

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Ray Hui: The news of you returning came out of the blue. How did this come about?

Enson Inoue: I've been wanting to come back to thank the fans for helping me stay in Japan and I got a good offer. I was just planning to get in to thank the fans for (their support) -- they sent in over 9,000 petitions to keep me in Japan when I was having my problems with immigration. And out of appreciation for that, instead of saying thank you, they keep saying they want to see my spirit in the ring again, and I figured there's no better way to pay them back than to get in there one more time.

RH: How did your imprisonment make you stronger?

EI: You know when you go to prison, everything's taken away from you. Your freedom, your time, what you want to eat, what time you sleep, what time you wake up, what time you brush your teeth, what time you take a bath.

When you're in the outside world, you can make all the choices in your life, but -- you're grumbling about your job, you're grumbling about your car broke down, you're grumbling about having to pay the electric bill. You realize that those aren't the things to grumble about.

You think rain is the worst thing in the world, but you can't even feel the rain on your face when you're inside. The only time you can feel is during exercise time when there's a little screen and you can feel the rain come down and we actually stand in the rain and feel the rain -- it's something that I'd run to the car not wanting to get hit by the rain.

The appreciation level changes just changes for whatever you feel and experience in life. It's made my whole life, overall, much more happy.

RH: You reputation in MMA has been about putting your life on the line when you fight. As you grow older, encountering more family, relationships, opening gyms, and appreciating life more, is there a part of you that thinks MMA is more of a sport now and you don't have to be in a fight with the mindset of being willing to die?

EI: It's not even a choice for me. It's just a mindset that I go into instinctively. And as far as I'm concerned, the further down in life I get, the more I know about the goods and the bads, the backstabbers, the crazy stuff in the world that happens, dying in the ring -- it actually got a lot easier for me.

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Baki Stout site profile image  

4/21/10 10:57 AM by Baki Stout

 ^^^^^ I agree. He is a WARRIOR!

KahL site profile image  

4/21/10 9:36 AM by KahL

This is one of the heaviest truths I've ever read on here. Enson is the type of person who goes beyond the "sport" aspect of MMA. The man would more than likely fit much better during the warring states periods of Japan than here in the 21st century.

crunk404 site profile image  

4/21/10 9:32 AM by crunk404

is that even possible?

Junior Jr site profile image  

4/21/10 9:21 AM by Junior Jr

Sorry Kirik, but no. Enson is a teeanger who never grew up. He boasts about his Yakuza buddies and he slaps his 4 year old kid around on a video to "toughen him up". He's a thug who tries to makes his thugness seem cool and mysterious by fighting. A warrior does not attack fighters or refs when cornering, a warrior does not hang out with Yakuza thugs who sell drugs and force young girls into the sex trade,etc.If you consider a guy like Enson a warrior then you'd love prison because it's full of guys exactly like him.

john joe site profile image  

4/21/10 9:18 AM by john joe

250 years ago Enson would have been wearing a helmet and running across a battlefield with arrows stuck in his armor, waving a sword and screaming as he died a glorious death with the last of his samurai clan lying broken by rifle fire in the field behind him. An accident of birth has denied him his destiny.

damaebushi site profile image  

4/21/10 9:10 AM by damaebushi

Although I have never met him,  from what I have seen and read, the above is very accurate.  It would be interesting to spend time around him and see first hand how he approaches life, training, fighting, and dealing w/other people.  Respectfully: Fred

Lahi site profile image  

4/21/10 3:49 AM by Lahi

Always a fan of Enson. Can't wait to see him fight again.

Sajite site profile image  

4/21/10 3:31 AM by Sajite

That would be an interesting biography to read

TSGIGOR site profile image  

4/21/10 3:23 AM by TSGIGOR