Couture vs. Toney targeted for UFC 118 in Boston

source: today confirmed that while the matchup is far from official, it's in the works for a headlining spot at the event.

Although not officially announced, UFC 118 is expected to take place Aug. 28 at the TD Garden in Boston. Two high-profile lightweight fights are currently on tap for the Northeast event: newly minted champion Frankie Edgar fights the man he deposed for the belt, B.J. Penn, in an immediate rematch of their recent UFC 112 bout, and two-time contender Kenny Florian faces standout Gray Maynard.

The weight limit of Couture vs. Toney is currently undetermined. Couture is now two fights into a second stint as a light heavyweight, while Toney is primarily regarded as a heavyweight in the boxing world.

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ChokeEmOut site profile image  

4/24/10 10:02 PM by ChokeEmOut

 Pathetic! And Couture talks about Fedor's opponents. lol At least Fedor fights MMA fighters for fucks sake.

forthis site profile image  

4/24/10 9:55 PM by forthis

I've read through the posts on this topic. Couture doesn't stand a chance if he throws with Toney. Your talking about a guy who hasn't been knocked out in over 80 professional fights. Couture doesn't shoot doubles contrary to what people on here are saying nor is known for his leg kicks. Howeve, he is a fan of the clinch where Toney has spent his entire professional career. I think this fight favors Toney, but Couture could easily win with the right game plan. The problem with game plans are they tend to go out the window once you get clocked!

Blazing Knees site profile image  

4/24/10 8:49 AM by Blazing Knees

 Randy's hands are pretty good, it's his headmovement that is his weakness. Randy for the win by anthing he wants.

jake11 site profile image  

4/24/10 8:25 AM by jake11

randys gonna get ko'd

Bonedog site profile image  

4/24/10 6:21 AM by Bonedog

I'd love it if Randy went low to fake a shot and then came up with the big overhand right and KO'd him ala Randleman/CC 1. More likely it ends in referee stoppage from strikes from mount or rnc.

DevinS site profile image  

4/24/10 5:01 AM by DevinS

That's awesome. Randy should win easily, but I'm pulling for Toney.

totalwreckage site profile image  

4/24/10 3:58 AM by totalwreckage

I would not underestimate Toneys punching power especially in MMA gloves for fucks sake. that will be one mean punch let me tell you. If Randy doesnt respect it he will be Kod

totalwreckage site profile image  

4/24/10 3:58 AM by totalwreckage


Son of Neckbone site profile image  

4/23/10 9:45 PM by Son of Neckbone

Sweet Jesus you crybabies will bitch about anything. It's an interesting fight to say the least, having a living legend in MMA fight a boxing legend. It's also a gravy train for marketing and certain to get some extra mainstream crossover.