Jameson: I'm pressing charges

source: tmz.com

Jenna Jameson just told our photog she plans on pressing charges against Tito Ortiz.

Fighting back tears, a clearly emotional Jenna was driving away from her home in Huntington Beach, CA moments ago -- when she stopped and told our photog, "I'm gonna be alright."

Jenna -- who was wearing giant sunglasses -- continued, "My babies are alright ... everything's OK .. he's in jail."

Jenna was accompanied by her father -- the man who we've learned made the initial call to 911.

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Recent Comments »

Punch2DaLiva site profile image  

4/28/10 2:01 PM by Punch2DaLiva

Jenna thinks 'pressing charges' is when she uses Titos credit card to pay for her 'scripts.

illrockurworld site profile image  

4/28/10 10:27 AM by illrockurworld

Makes me miss Pam & Tommy.

MasterDebater site profile image  

4/27/10 6:48 PM by MasterDebater

as a fighter, I am not a Tito fan.But I do realize that she wouldn't be Just wearing sunglasses if tito went unglued on her.I have seen a girl take a punch from a man and, surprise, surprise, they can't. Probably got pushed while Tito was grabbin her bottle of pills and then had the bottle of pills thrown at her.Question- When did Porn Stars become the pillars of the community such that we believe everything Jenna says but nothing anyone else says? SHE IS A PORN STAR. SHE DOESN"T HAVE THE SAME MORAL VALUES AS THE REST OF US.

The Sultan site profile image  

4/27/10 12:05 PM by The Sultan

Have you seen pictures of her beaten to "a bloody pulp" or are you being a drama queen with no evidence to back up your claims? Leaning towards drama queen.  

The Sultan site profile image  

4/27/10 12:01 PM by The Sultan

glad you had the whole thing figured out before hearing both sides of the story. /sarcasm  

SKARHEAD site profile image  

4/27/10 8:55 AM by SKARHEAD

You're still a huge piece of sh!t for doing that. LOL @ thinking otherwise dumbass.

100Percent site profile image  

4/27/10 8:20 AM by 100Percent

I BET CASH MONEY that we are going to find out that he hit her AFTER she hit him and the problem is related to PORN. GUARANTEE. 1. did you notice how quickly she discarded him? 2. wanna bet he is only going to have good things to say about her? Never EVER get involved with women that have low self esteem. They will drive you crazy, change your character and then blame it all on you.

JamalH site profile image  

4/27/10 12:18 AM by JamalH

How does her dad sit there with that mug, actually how does he sit there knowing his daughter has been turned inside out by half the American population.I guess money = bliss, how this degenerate gets any coverage is beyond me.

CNDMMAFan site profile image  

4/26/10 11:23 PM by CNDMMAFan

and jenna is an on my knees type of girl.I just think its more bs and drama created by these two, ala charlie sheene to stir up publicity outside of the few blog sites for two people that are still clawing at stardom and fame, when they should both graciously fall to the wayside.Sorry, but truth is truth, Tito isnt the fighter he used to be, and the game has evolved since his time of dominance, and well, Jenna isnt anywhere near as hot as she used to be, so even in porn, she would be about as appealing as jerking off with an SOS pad. Yeah......no

parrishmma site profile image  

4/26/10 10:01 PM by parrishmma

that made me LOL