Ortiz: 'Jameson addicted to drugs'

by Hollie McKay | source: foxnews.com

A teary-eyed former UFC champ speaks for the first time with regards to the incident in which he alleged Jameson is suffering an addiction to the narcotic pain reliever, OxyContin.

After being arrested following an alleged domestic dispute against girlfriend Jenna Jameson on Monday morning, a teary-eyed Tito Ortiz held a press conference with his attorney in Los Angeles late Monday evening to speak for the first time with regards to the incident in which he alleged Jameson is suffering an addiction to the narcotic pain reliever, OxyContin.

"Jenna has been fighting a battle with OxyContin addiction for the past year. For Tito and her family this has been an uphill battle. Unfortunately this morning she had a relapse," attorney Chip Matthews said. "Tito was trying to help her, she has threatened suicide before. Tito has done everything in his power to protect her privacy and the privacy of their children."

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StretchPlum site profile image  

4/29/10 11:21 PM by StretchPlum

Or...Tito is destroying the credibility of the prosecution witness.

KidBaize site profile image  

4/29/10 10:28 PM by KidBaize

Lol at that pic. Tito's head is only going to get bigger with age.

Roy Batty site profile image  

4/27/10 11:41 PM by Roy Batty

Porn stars generally like any attention they can get.

GladiatorGannon site profile image  

4/27/10 11:33 PM by GladiatorGannon

This is completely untrue. It was heroin, not crack :)Which lends credence to Tito's painkiller allegations.

Snakey site profile image  

4/27/10 11:32 PM by Snakey

why is Tito wearing a pimp coat?

GladiatorGannon site profile image  

4/27/10 11:31 PM by GladiatorGannon

Now I'm wondering if you're the one smoking crack. A woman can protect her children from the father if he develops a drug problem, but a father getting custudy of his kids from woman just because she's a drug addict? And she's rich?She has to have a full blown series of Britney Spears level meltdowns with her own family testifiying against her for that to happen. Fathers get stuck with all kinds of crazed deranged women becuase it's the only way for them to have even a chance of protecting their children.

scarecrow10 site profile image  

4/27/10 11:27 PM by scarecrow10

truff when i saw pic i was like wtf tito

frontrowbrian site profile image  

4/27/10 11:21 PM by frontrowbrian

 She's got to be on something. Have you seen the tmz videos? She having  a full blown Dr. Phil discussion with the fuckin TMZ camera guy. She loves the attention. So bizarre. She answers EVERY question the paparazzi asks her. I've never seen someone so happy to be stalked by people with cameras. 

blushgirl412 site profile image  

4/27/10 10:12 PM by blushgirl412

Tito's lawyer = Looks like Rogan plus Bravo