TUF 11, episode 5 recap

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Josh Bryant VS. Kris McCray

The fighters trade a few shots to start, and McCray flies in with a knee. Bryant avoids much damage and clinches briefly. Neither fighter has an advantage, and Bryant breaks away.

On the restart, McCray lands a few solid punches and finished with a kick to the body. Another knee finds the mark, and the pair moves back into the clinch. McCray tries to drop for a takedown, but he can't elevate. A second effort a trip earns the desired result, and McCray takes mount. Bryant rolls, and McCray takes the back, even as his opponent stands. Bryant tries to slide out the back and nearly leaves an arm in, but he eventually works to his feet.

Both fighters trade uppercuts from a collar tie, though McCray continues to mix in knees. McCray tries again for a takedown, and he eventually gets it to the floor, though only briefly. Bryant continues to scramble free in each situation, though McCray keeps the pressure on consistently.

The action isn't high-paced, but McCray is controlling the majority of it. Bryant spins to top momentarily, but McCray again reverses and lands a right hand to the jaw. The pace continues to slow in the final minute. McCray throws some tired punches to the gut, but both fighters look tired. Bryant looks for a single in the closing seconds, but it's obvious McCray has taken the round.

As round two opens, it's obvious McCray has a bit less pep in his step. Nevertheless, Bryant has yet to really open up. A jab changes that, and right hand follows. Bryant lands an uppercut in the clinch, then a knee. McCray looks stunned by the blows, though he answers with a kick to the gut.

The two clinch, and Bryant lands a left that knocks McCray's mouthpiece out, then another stiff hook. Hackleman goes crazy in the corner yelling for more. McCray does answer with a nice knee in the clinch, but Bryant takes him down and works to the back. McCray on his knees, and Bryant grabs a crucifix. He rolls to the side, and the pair return to their feet.

Bryant again lands a solid shot with his hands then moves to the clinch. From there, he elevates McCray and slams him to the floor. Both fighters tiring on the floor, but Bryant working more. McCray digs deep and drags Bryant down and sets up in his guard.

McCray throws a few punches to the body and head on the ground, but there's not a ton of zip on the shots. Bryant works an open guard underneath, and he looks for an armbar with seconds left. His legs slip off, and the round comes to an end. It appears the fight is destined for a third round, though Hackleman seems to think Bryant may have won.

McCray collapses in his corner, while Hackleman keeps Bryant moving. NSAC executive director Keith Kizer quickly signals that the two will indeed head to sudden victory.

As the third opens, McCray looks exhausted. Still, he does press forward ad engage a clinch. Bryant spins off and pushes his opponent into the cage before dropping for a single leg takedown. McCray locks in a kimura grip briefly to defend, but Bryant eventually works him to his knees.

McCray pops back to his feet, but Bryant lands a few uppercuts inside. Bryant again looks for a takedown, but both fighters push to a stalemate. There's very little action at the halfway point of the frame. Both fighters look tired, though Bryant sneaks in an occasional punch to score points.

Referee Herb Dean call for a restart with a little more than a minute, and Bryant again lands a few heavy punches the stun McCray. The fight moves into a clinch and onto the floor, and Bryant is in top position. He look for a rear-naked choke with just seconds remaining. It appears tight, but McCray fights until the final bell. Nevertheless, the result seems apparent.

The scores are read, and Bryant is awarded the unanimous decision.

    * Josh Bryant def. Kris McCray via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

McCray collapses on the floor after the decision is read. Tavares and McCray help him to the locker room, and Ortiz is beside himself at the results. Ortiz credits Liddell's success to a lucky "rabbit's foot up his ass."

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billyball2 site profile image  

4/29/10 12:05 PM by billyball2

I thought the same thing.Maybe the selection criteria is more about drama than fitness/ability...

anunaki site profile image  

4/29/10 11:32 AM by anunaki

I hate to agree, but I have to. TUF level MMA is pretty bad for the most part.The fitness level is a bit lower than I would expect and the technique is lacking in almost all facets of the game.Maybe us that aren't noobz miss the days when you mastered a discipline before you started "traneing UFC" but it seems (FOR THE MOST PART) no one can hold a position, secure a submission, or dictate the pace with crisp striking.I had high hopes for this season after the last few stinkers.Shit I'm going to keep watching, but damn I love checking out my Tivo'd bellator afterwords. thats the level of guys that should be on TUF, IMO.

Kostakio site profile image  

4/29/10 11:16 AM by Kostakio

 Very cool, man. I just finished reading it. I'm a fan of his. It looked like McCray was going to out-athleticize him in the first round but Josh perservered. Respek!

GNPfan site profile image  

4/29/10 10:48 AM by GNPfan

Looking forward to next week seeing Chuck and Dana get into it with each other, should be interesting!

Jweinberg site profile image  

4/29/10 10:43 AM by Jweinberg

 terrible fight, i am so pissed attonito is hurt, he would have crushed both of those guys.. they had no wrestling, no bjj, and no stand up..   i dont' want to hear any excuses, i understand their may be friends of some people on here, but that fight was fuckin pitiful and painful to watch.

kancho assassin site profile image  

4/29/10 10:15 AM by kancho assassin

LOL @ out of shape. I can tell you this show was Josh's first round into the 185lbs weight class. All of his eleven wins were at 205lbs. His body is still getting acclimated to the weight cut. McCray said it himself. He likes to go out and try and pressure and get the guy out of there. Unfortunately, he does lack the cardio to do that the full 15minutes. Josh was pushed really hard those first 5 and came back and won the second and third. Props to my buddy on his first TUF win inside the house!!!!

Transporter site profile image  

4/29/10 9:59 AM by Transporter

 What was great about that worst fight I think I ever watched.Those guys are so out of shape it was painfull to watch.How could anyone that is wanting to get into the UFC be so out of shape I thought they train?????

GaymidaGaydan site profile image  

4/29/10 9:57 AM by GaymidaGaydan

Really? i thought the first round was good, second round they were gassed as shit. Third round was painful.

Greg Southworth site profile image  

4/29/10 9:57 AM by Greg Southworth

Crustaceo - I interviewed Josh Bryant last night for National Lampoon - you can check out his take on the fight HERE!!!Traffic whoring? Maybe...

Kostakio site profile image  

4/29/10 9:13 AM by Kostakio

 Great fight, I thought. I wish McCray was KO'd though.