Coleman vs Shamrock at Impact FC in Australia?

by Chris Howie | source:

Josh Barnett announced this week that he would be fighting on the Impact Fighting Championships card in Brisbane, Australia on July 10th, against Brazilian Geronimo dos Santos and has learned of another potential match up for the card down under.

A couple of UFC Hall of Famers have been offered a match on the card as spoke to a source close to the Mark Coleman camp and they have stated that Coleman was offered, and has accepeted a match against Ken Shamrock.

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jpm995 site profile image  

5/4/10 3:00 PM by jpm995

Where's the antidote nuthuggers? That was the only + from Mark losing, getting rid of those trolls/idiots. I'm guessing Mark has a little more fuel in the tank and g&p's Ken out.

Grouchy site profile image  

5/4/10 5:53 AM by Grouchy

That sucks...this fight should take place in the UFC...almost a shame really

Funaki Masakatsu site profile image  

5/4/10 1:39 AM by Funaki Masakatsu

Any word from Ken's camp yet? Has he commented on whether or not he's accepting the fight?

xakx site profile image  

5/4/10 12:38 AM by xakx


Dougie site profile image  

5/3/10 11:09 PM by Dougie

 You can't go wrong with Home Depot, really... DOERKSEN BOOMBAYE!

xcouturefan site profile image  

5/3/10 11:04 PM by xcouturefan


mgldrd site profile image  

5/3/10 10:42 PM by mgldrd

good fight along with Barnett vs Geronimo, but Barnett should be in bigger fights. I would've thought Strikeforce would have signed him already.

nostripewhite site profile image  

5/3/10 10:34 PM by nostripewhite

Ken murdered Grizzly.

OzLoco site profile image  

5/3/10 9:18 PM by OzLoco

Hmm. Might make for an excuse for a weekend in Brisvegas. Get drunk and watch another sequel to "Grumpy Old Men".

Banter site profile image  

5/3/10 6:16 PM by Banter

 that got cleared up recently...Ken lost