UFC files suit on theultimatefighter.com owner

by “J.R.” Riddell | source: sherdog.com

Zuffa, LLC, the parent company of the UFC and WEC, went to court last week for the purpose of booting what it has characterized as a cybersquatter from a domain name that Zuffa says should be registered as its own. In a lawsuit filed in Nevada federal court, Zuffa asked the judge for an order requiring the registrar for the TheUltimateFighter.com domain name to transfer its registration over to Zuffa.

Anton Resnick, the domain name’s registrant, expressed complete surprise that a suit had been filed when contacted by Sherdog.com.

“I’m not at all aware of the suit,” said Resnick.

“I registered a domain a long, long time ago, prior to having any marks that this domain could be linked to,” said Resnick. “If anybody had contacted me and made me an offer or spoke to me about the domain name, there’s a possibility I would have released it to them. If they would like to talk to me about the domain name, I would be open to a discussion to figure out a way to resolve the issue.”

Zuffa’s legal counsel, John Krieger, said that Zuffa “attempted to contact (Resnick) a couple of times,” before filing the suit and never heard back from him.

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brune90 site profile image  

5/5/10 3:53 PM by brune90

TheClips - ^^Oh shit, I think it'd be funny as hell if the tables were turned and Zuffa got SHAMROCKED/quote]There I fixed it for you.

Judo Scott site profile image  

5/5/10 3:48 PM by Judo Scott

They wouldn't wind up in the hot seat. They would simply have to buy the domain from the owner.

TheClips site profile image  

5/5/10 3:45 PM by TheClips

^^Oh shit, I think it'd be funny as hell if the tables were turned and Zuffa wound up in the hot seat!

Drewout site profile image  

5/5/10 3:27 PM by Drewout

He owned it 5 months before they even trademarked the name. They should have to pay him.

threestars35 site profile image  

5/5/10 2:16 PM by threestars35

Ultimatefighter.net and .com existed even before TUF, they should sue Zuffa instead

Judo Scott site profile image  

5/5/10 1:56 PM by Judo Scott

I've owned a few hundred domain names and been involved in online business for over a decade. I'm admittedly small time in the domain world but I've been around long enough to learn a thing or two about this area.Your original statement which I quoted was "Companies that buy a bunch of domain names and then try to sell them for huge money to the people who actually want to use them are just lame."was not a comment about this domain in particular but about the buying and selling of domains which is a perfectly legitimate business.I have no opinion about this domain in particular as I'd need to know more details.

Darup site profile image  

5/5/10 1:35 PM by Darup

A difference exists between real property and intellectual property. In this case after Zuffa started using the Ultimate Fighter name this guy ran out and registered that domain name. He never used the domain name he just sat on it hoping to sell it later. This is a clear example of cybersquatting which is illegal. Don't be dumb leave the lawyering to the actual lawyers.

Kostakio site profile image  

5/5/10 1:35 PM by Kostakio

 lol @ this whole thing

fightpimp site profile image  

5/5/10 1:34 PM by fightpimp