Hallman vs Saunders at UFC 117 in Oakland, Calif.

source: mmajunkie.com

Dennis Hallman will have to wait a bit longer to drop weight.

MMAjunkie.com has learned that the MMA veteran and recent UFC returnee is expected to meet Ben Saunders in a welterweight bout on the non-televised portion of UFC 117, according to multiple sources close to the event. Though bout agreements have not yet been signed, both fighters are expected to put pen to paper shortly.

"UFC 117: Silva vs. Sonnen" takes place Aug. 7 at the Oracle Arena in Oakland, Calif.

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Yelm site profile image  

5/10/10 6:17 PM by Yelm

 If it hit the ground it would be a fun match up.  I hope Dennis can get it to the ground because standing he would be a bad match up for Dennis.

breakit site profile image  

5/7/10 7:10 AM by breakit

That's what makes this a fun match up, wouldn't you say?

viorage site profile image  

5/6/10 10:29 PM by viorage

Dennis had no problem rolling with the BJJ black belts when I was down there.

Clinton Tyler site profile image  

5/6/10 10:20 PM by Clinton Tyler

^^^^ John knows what he's talking about here.

breakit site profile image  

5/6/10 10:06 PM by breakit

 Hallman's active style on the ground is a great match up for Ben.  People haven't really seen what he can really do on the ground.  He had a broken rib in the Swick fight, and the last minute step up to Fitch?  Well, Fitch does that to everyone but GSP...But Ben has some good wins by sub. Yes, I'm sure Ben would like to keep it standing, but with a Ricardo Liborio brown belt around his waste, I don't think Ben is too worried about it. I hope this fight does happen...

Yelm site profile image  

5/6/10 9:57 PM by Yelm

 Why the lol?  I am pretty sure that Ben will prefer this fight to stay standing.  Not saying he is not good on the ground but Hallman is levels beyond him on the mat.

breakit site profile image  

5/6/10 9:38 PM by breakit


dino365 site profile image  

5/6/10 9:14 PM by dino365

Superman is ready to go, he was dominating the Howard fight until the last 5 secs......that will not happen again, trust me.

JDV site profile image  

5/6/10 11:23 AM by JDV

 Saunders via brutal KO by Knees in rd. 1

bryanand site profile image  

5/6/10 11:14 AM by bryanand

Not really, the sport has passed him by. I think the UFC will try to use him like Randy, Chack and Franklin at this point and let him fight legends/freak show type fights. It would be interesting for him to fight Hallman and Frank, but I wouldn't want to see him getting beat up anymore by new prospects at 170. Don't want to hijack the thread...