Randleman vs Gracie cleared for Strikeforce

by Damon Martin | source: mmaweekly.com

Kevin Randleman and Roger Gracie will fight on May 15 in Strikeforce as the former UFC and Pride fighter has been medically cleared by doctors, after concern was raised about a possible staph infection.

The news was confirmed to MMAWeekly.com on Thursday by Strikeforce official Mike Afromowitz.

"Randleman has been cleared to fight," said Afromowitz via text message. "The bout with Gracie is on."

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Vivier site profile image  

5/7/10 9:52 AM by Vivier

Wake me up when this fight is over. Strikeforce should have put Beerbohm/Shaolin on the card when they had the chance.

AnthonyBrancato site profile image  

5/7/10 6:59 AM by AnthonyBrancato


Kirik site profile image  

5/6/10 10:06 PM by Kirik

 Thanks for the good news man!

ranier wolfcastle site profile image  

5/6/10 7:24 PM by ranier wolfcastle

 booyah imo kevs smart enough to keep it standing just hope he doesnt gas like last time

shootfightermike site profile image  

5/6/10 7:16 PM by shootfightermike


anunaki site profile image  

5/6/10 6:30 PM by anunaki

kev will double leg himself right into a triangle.

liquidrob site profile image  

5/6/10 5:58 PM by liquidrob

Thats what they don't want to happen again, the riggs/hieron stream was embrassing

Peckerwood site profile image  

5/6/10 5:58 PM by Peckerwood

Strikeforce's production is horrendous. Why they block out a 2.5 hr time frame and only show 4 fights even they are QUICK fights is beyond me. lol...Randleman will get tapped in under 2 min but i'm still looking forward to this for some reason.

Skillrules site profile image  

5/6/10 5:55 PM by Skillrules

Agreed, it was pathetic. Didnt work at all... like it was 1997 or something. They insisted at the time they learned and the next time would be different.  

GaGasSoldierDickTuks2 site profile image  

5/6/10 5:52 PM by GaGasSoldierDickTuks2

Lets hope,when they tried before they failed horribly,hopefully it goes better this time.